Hacking Cough and the Gallery

Well, I had hoped by now to have galleries of pictures from the snowboarding trip up and online by now. No such luck. I could install a gallery web app, but I want it integrated with the site. You’d think this would be easier than it is but alas, no.

Meanwhile I have yet to catch up on rest post-snowboarding so I’m feeling a bit out of sorts. Worse, I’ve had this dry, hacking cough since maybe Wednesday. Frack. And I almost made it a year without getting sick.

Hopefully I’ll at least get one gallery online tonight. If I can do that then I’ll feel a little bit better.

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One Response to “Hacking Cough and the Gallery”

  1. douglas says  (February 25th, 2006 at 01:13:41 )

    Yay. I got the galleries working! You can check them out here (or in the errata section in the top navigation). Now I think it’s time to get some sleep…