Two Front Doors

Can someone please explain to me why many (most?) older houses in Austin have two front doors? Were they designed as escape hatches? Was the idea that you might have a business in one half of the house and live in the other?

Speaking of which, it was pointed out to me that a ton of businesses are actually located in existing houses and this is true. Is it simply cheaper to renovate an existing house and bring it up to code (do they even have a City Code here?) than to build a new building? Probably.

Anyways, if anyone knows why these houses have two (and I’ve seen three) front doors please leave a comment!

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2 Responses to “Two Front Doors”

  1. Uncle Roger says  (January 31st, 2006 at 07:46:04 )

    Kinda depends on the layout of the house, but my guess would be that one is the main entrance and the other is the servants’ entrance. Our house has some features like that.

  2. douglas says  (January 31st, 2006 at 15:02:22 )

    That’s a possibility given that Texas was part of the South, but some of these houses are way too small and definitely not in areas that were affluent. They look like “blue collar” housing (and many definitely are today). In fact I believe they would be called one story bungaloes. Any other ideas? I’m going to do some Google searches later to see what I can come up with…