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People Pearls in the News

I just knew there had to be something to my idea of selling people pearls. Apparently William Shatner feels the same way:

Star Trek actor William Shatner has sold his kidney stone for $25,000 (£14,000) to an online casino, to raise money for a housing charity.

OK, so who wants to start an online business selling people pearls with me? (And thanks for the tip, Stinky Pork Chop!)

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The Sadness Vampire

The sadness vampire lived a long time ago. Unlike other vampires who survive on blood he lived by sucking the sadness out of others. He did not like what he had become but hoped to become human again. He found the most depressing city he could find and fed well.

But the sadness vampire wasn’t immune to the depression of others. He sympathized with the depression of the humans he supped upon. He grew morose. He stopped feeding on the sadness of others and was very near death.

One day a very unhappy woman found him. He had been trying to hide in an abandoned building and she had gone there to kill herself. The instinct to survive took him and he fed and fed upon her sadness. She fainted and he fell asleep.

The next day the woman woke up in a curious state. She couldn’t explain how it happened, but she was happy. She smiled at the sadness vampire and he returned he smile. He had become human again by sucking all the sadness from the woman, and together they were happy.

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