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VIZ Holiday Party 2005

Viz Holiday Party 2005, Russ Uman and Douglas Nerad
VIZ Holiday Party 2005
It must be said that VIZ throws one of the best holiday parties I’ve ever attended.

I’ve been to many. DLC was a lot of fun, but it wasn’t DLC that made it fun, it was the people there. Sunset’s parties went sour when Time Warner made cut backs out of necessity. To Sunset’s immense credit they did their best to have some gathering, but with the extremely limited funding the best they could do was what they could provide themselves.

VIZ, however, did things right. They reserved Foreign Cinema and opened the bars to us and our guests. Food was plentiful and, as you would expect from the place, quite excellent. I just wish I’d had more. There was a gift raffle with ten winners of various prizes, including a digital camera and a video iPod.

I had a lovely evening visiting with friends from work, meeting new people, and watching various dramas unfold before my eyes. Everyone dressed nicely and I don’t think anyone didn’t have a good time. Well, perhaps a few of the more intoxicated people didn’t have a good time the next day, but Thursday night everyone was quite happy!

Pictures is me on the right and my fellow IT member R.U. on the left. He’d brought cigars. I enjoyed the quarter of mine I could actually get through. I have to say that if there was a prize for best dressed, R.U. in his top hat and his girlfriend would have won my vote.

Though the party officially ended at 1AM some of us continued on. I was home by 4AM! Fortunately VIZ allows us on the next day to not worry about showing up at work until noon. Lovely.

I hope everyone else enjoys their holiday season as much as mine is starting out to be!

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