Some Very Silly Videos

I posted this to OOKEE.com:

Recently Mookee found some footage we shot with a VHS camera in 1997. He digitized it and challenged me to an editing contest. Here is his version, and here is mine. They are both kind of large, so broadband is a must. Unfortunately these are the low quality versions; hopefully in the future we can put better versions online. Let us know what you think!

It is unfortunate that I couldn’t figure out how to better compress the videos with iMovie. The options are there, but I didn’t have time to figure out all the settings. I’ll try that sometime soon and through trial and error figure out the optimal settings for web stuff.

Very silly videos. Possibly only Mookee and I will find them funny, but as I told Some Danish Guy, if only a few people find it funny then that’s something!

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