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Anime in Fortune Magazine

I was a little surprised to see Fortune Magazine taking a positive interest in anime. I’ve enjoyed anime (animation) and manga (comic books) from Japan since I was a kid watching G-Force, Star Blazers and Robotech. I’m glad to see it’s come a long way since then. I used to be the geek, now I’m the regular guy… I think hell froze over when I wrote that.

The article really seems to focus on ADV which I found interesting since I’m quite new to the scene. Now I’m working for one of the largest distributors and licensers of this Japanese Invasion, VIZ Media, I should get some perspective on who else is out there, what they are doing, and how it all fits together.

I’ve started a new category here on the site for things like this, plus random Japanese language lessons, observations and thoughts. It seems easier than trying to figure out where to put this particular story in the existing goliath framework.

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Back From DC

National Building Museum, Washington DC
National Building Museum
I’m back from my little vacation in the Washington, DC area. It was good to see my family and awesome to see Ann again. The picture is at the National Building Museum and shows the 75 foot columns inside in the gallery. It’s one of the few museums I’d never been to when I lived in DC. The outside is really not too remarkable, but when you walk inside you are met with this amazing view. It’s quite impressive. Now I understand why the Presidential inaugural ball is held there.

Ann and I also went off on our own around Dupont Circle, my old stomping grounds. It was strange to see how much and how little had changed. Gabriel’s was gone (where Jon E. and briefly myself) worked. Afterwards and Trio’s are still in place. The mansion next to where I used to live that my Mom almost bought is going to pot, but around the corner the mansion that had been boarded up for… well, for forever it seemed, is renovated and being used by the National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs. Very cool since I really hoped it would be used again someday.

Meanwhile it looks like there have been script updates and I have much email to catch up on. I was rather remiss in my writing (blogging and other stuff) while away. I will try to catch up.

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New Frames On the Way

After much deliberation I finally ordered a new set of frames. I’ve been needing a new prescription for glasses anyways. What always holds me back, though, is the appalling selection most places have by way of frames.

Fortunately there is Eyeglasses Warehouse. They’ve got older style frames. I’ve been wanting a pair like I had in Prague, what I always understood to be workmen’s glasses. It turns out the style is called Windsor. Check out the examples.

The only drawback, if it can even be called a drawback, is that they don’t have an online store. In reality I liked calling and talking to a real person.

I am, for the first time in decades, looking forward to seeing an optometrist and getting me prescription filled! Photos will, obviously, be coming when I have them.

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Sony-BMG Update

Amongst all the crappy news coming from the Sony-BMG fiasco comes this ray of light. They are finally recalling the CDs from consumers. Go to this site and you can apparently get a new CD (or set of MP3s) without the XCP rootkit. About bloody time. I’m still not planning on supporting them, though, but that’s me.

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Buttloads of Books

I went on a cleaning spree a while back. Like many of my cleaning sprees this one wasn’t completed. I got most of the way done but when it came to hitting and organizing my books I balked after one easy shelf. Today I hit the task again. I am 90% done.

I have just over 700 books on shelves ranging from science fiction and fantasy to physics reference books to history to Greek philosophy to old atlases and on and on and on. I am frankly shocked when I go through them at what I have. This number does not include the 100 plus books I have from my days at Sunset (we got a copy of each book as it was released, plus those on give away tables) nor the two boxes of outdated computer books (assembly language for 68K Macintosh anyone?). Pile on the many books that I know are missing or loaned out and that’s a buttload of books.

I will definitely have to go through and cull many of them. I have an abundant number of math books inherited from my Grandfather; I really only need one or two of them. Some of the science books are out of date. Some of the fiction plain sucked. Still I doubt I’ll be getting rid of even 100.

I’m a pack rat, what can I say. Even I amaze myself with it at times. Don’t even get me started with the movies I have…

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Memo to Myself RE: Santa Cruz

Next time I have to go to Santa Cruz I must remember that it is not an hour away on Highway One, but an hour and a half at best.

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I remember eating Sopapillas for dessert with my family when we’d go out to eat in Austin. Second, third and fourth grades. Funny how memory works. I still think about these things even though I haven’t had one since then.

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Distracted from Writing for Writing

I must apologize to you for not updating anything for a few days. I’ve been distracted with work, Japanese class, helping set up another website (not launched yet), and most importantly writing a screenplay with NHK.

Naturally I’m not free to talk about the specifics of what we’re writing but let me just throw out this link which has some similarities to our theme. I read it and at first I was worried about their theme: a reality show that dupes people into thinking they’ve been sent out into space. Then I had to shake my head in wonderment that yes, indeed, they were going to find people just dumb enough to fall for the whole thing.

Anyways, I will have to pick up the pace if I want to achieve my goal of 365 posts this year. I’ve got 44 days to write 50 articles. Not impossible, but far enough away that I’ll have to focus.

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NaNoWriMo Speculative World Building

Though I found this a bit late to start this month, the exercises could be done at any time. Basically it is 30 individual exercises you can do day by day to help flesh out a world and start the world building process of speculative fiction. I would suggest starting this process next year during October and then taking the 31st off for some fun before NaNoWriMo starts up again…

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Ban Sony-BMG

After reading this article I think there should be a general boycott of Sony-BMG. Their EULA (end user license agreement) is the worst thing I think I’ve ever heard.

Just to catch a few of you up, Sony-BMG has started making their CDs so you are required to install software on your PC if you want to play the CD. It turns out this software is a rootkit designed to spy on you and inhibit you from using your computer freely (not to mention compromise your security). They released an update that really doesn’t solve the problem.

Anyways, on top of the rootkit problem, they also have the EULA that turns you into their bitch. Stop buying music from Sony-BMG until they get their acts together. True, these musicians might not get their half a penny to the dollar from sales, but then maybe they should get on their record company’s butts on behalf of their fans.

UPDATE: 2005.11.11
It turns out at least a few of the CDs shipped were targeting Macintosh computers, too.

Some Danish Guy pointed out to me that Sony-BMG has conceded they fscked up and will not put out anymore disks with the rootkit on it. At least until they reevaluate what they are doing and come up with a better way of owning your music and, by proxy, your computer.

Of course this leaves thousands of users out there who have had their computer’s security compromised, and who can only get $5 compensation because they did agree to the EULA (see first paragraph) Sony-BMG forced them to agree to so they could listen to the music they themselves paid for. Hopefully a few class action lawsuits, even though only the lawyers will get rich from it, will make other record companies think twice. Even better for consumers around the world would be if the European Union steps in.

Sony-BMG should, free of charge, offer tools to completely remove the rootkit they installed. Further, free of charge, they should replace the consumer’s CDs with uncompromised versions of what they purchased. Not “credit towards a future purchase,” and not “send us a self addressed stamped envelope” or any other excuse.

In the meantime, keep banning Sony-BMG.

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