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Do They Know it’s Halloween?

Happy Halloween and all that rot. Yeah, this year was something of a bummer for me; I just wasn’t in the mood after all. Still not, really, but at least I’m feeling better about it today than over the weekend when all the parties occurred.

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Creating WordPress Theme for

In preparation for eventually moving over to WordPress (which I’ve more or less settled on), I’ve worked for much of the Daylight Savings impinged evening on creating a WordPress Theme for the site. What a pain in the buttocks. WordPress is fairly simple to get set up initially, but everything after that is about as intuitive as a blowhole on leper.

This process might be easier if I knew PHP, but I don’t. Blosxom is a bit more difficult to get running initially, but once it’s installed and running, the thing is a dream of simplicity. You create simple HTML pages and put in a few Perl includes. That is it, folks. How complicated you get after that is up to you.

Oh well, enough moaning. If you want to see the mock up site it is located here, a site I set up to try and learn WordPress and perhaps to eventually use for Mookee and I to hold various political discussions. Take a quick look and let me know what you think! Especially if you find any glaring problems…

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A Day of Killing Things

“Killing things” is a codeword Mookee and I use to indicate playing one of two games. Starcraft of Warcraft. We haven’t killed things in almost a year and a half, so today I asked and he agreed to kill things. Many things. Sometimes ourselves. Starcraft.

We’re obviously out of practice. We played a few games and the computer, playing the Protoss, whooped our butts. I think we’ll have to do this a bit more often though. Maybe make a day of it a month. It’s rather therapeutic!

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Server Still Hammered, Doing Better

It looks like the server is still getting hammered by weirdos searching for celebrity nudity and not finding anything. This whole incident is making me think that I might want to reevaluate the configuration of I have a few options.

The one I’m brooding on the most is to switch the main site to a hosting provider and changing from the current Blosxom engine to either WordPress or Drupal. The question then becomes where to go with OOKEE Prime. Does it remain purely a linkblog as it has been for the past almost three years? Or do we turn it into something more?

I’m leaning towards leaving it a simple linkblog since this isn’t a full time job. Perhaps in another few years it will be necessary to expand again. Any thoughts from the three or four of you that are reading this? Change to a new format? Recommendations for a hosting provider?

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An Embarrassing Situation

Here’s an embarrassing story. Right now the server this site and the rest of the network resides on is getting hammered. It’s not quite a “slashdot” but for us it amounts to almost the same thing. Throughout the day some of the sites have been unavailable, and the rest have been slow. When I discovered this I started looking into it and learned that we have become the number one search site for something rather silly (proof for posterity). As of this posting we’re the number three item without quotes.

Understand that every once in a while there is something funny or strange or interesting that is simply NSFW (not safe for work) out there on the web. It might be something a poster to, which is simply a linkblog, might want to share. However I decided a while ago that NSFW links were not things I wanted the site to be known for, so I password protected that area. You can only view the stuff with a password.

What I didn’t know, though, was that if someone made a comment in the NSFW section it would show up on the front page. Whoops! So Google found it and that was that. In the last half an hour alone that one page, which no one can view, has been hit just over a thousand times. That’s quite a bit for our poor little Apple G4 server.

To mitigate the situation I’m redirecting traffic here. It seems to be helping a bit (at least I can get to the sites now!). Hopefully a few people will stick around and grow! Meanwhile I’m just embarrassed that the number one draw seems to be people’s insane quest for celebrity nudity. *sigh*

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I’m an Evolutionary Minority

More reasons to be frightened of America if you’re me. Which you’re not. Maybe you don’t have anything to worry about.

Most Americans do not accept the theory of evolution. Instead, 51 percent of Americans say God created humans in their present form, and another three in 10 say that while humans evolved, God guided the process. Just 15 percent say humans evolved, and that God was not involved.

Even with margin of error this is a frighteningly high percentage. It reminds me yet again what I keep reminding many people I know: we are the minority. That a higher percentage think it’s possible to believe in both God and evolution is little comfort, but I’ll take it where I can get it.

Still, most Americans think it is possible to believe in both God and evolution. Sixty-seven percent say this is possible, while 29 percent disagree. Most demographic groups say it is possible to believe in both God and evolution, but just over half of white evangelical Christians say it is not possible.

So as a clear ideological minority in this country, can I get various financial aid packages to build a city somewhere and invite the few others like me to escape?

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The Micronauts

Gordon Williams, The Micronauts
The Micronauts, by Gordon Williams
I remember as a kid playing with these Micronaut toys. I don’t even remember where they came from or what they were from, but I remember having a lot of fun making them fight each other.

A couple years ago I saw The Micronauts, by Gordon Williams, sitting on my parent’s bookshelf. At the time I was scouring their shelves looking for something to read and pulled it off. In the end I just took it. Sorry, Dad, I’m sure it was yours; if you want it back shoot me an email!

Recently I started clearing my bookshelves myself, organizing them and alphabetizing. This is a project I’ve put off for years, proving in yet another way my general laziness about unpacking properly. I “found” the book and decided it was high time to read a schlocky 1970s pulp science fiction adventure.

OK, storyline. Kind of weak. Humanity is facing the end as a man made ecological catastrophe wiped out most of the food in the world. Food is regimented around the world by a global government. Enter a very paranoid world leader, Commissioner Towne. He learns of materials diverted to a secret project led by a potential rival, George Richards, and sends Andrei “The Butcher” Khomich and Robert Bruce out to investigate. They discover Richards has created a process to make people really, really small. Imagine it; if everyone is really small a little food goes a long way and everyone is saved! Now Khomich, Bruce, and a few others have to rescue a shrunken Richards from a world infested with birds, bees, beetles and interpersonal alliances that last a chapter or less.

The plot is simple, true. What was really irritating were the characters. The only one I liked got killed. The rest were all shifty and shallow caricatures of real people. Some of the descriptions of the world as a very small person (“height challenged” for some of you) are interesting, but the characters… horrible. In the end I read the book going page to page and ignoring who was saying what because most of the time it didn’t matter.

Despite the poor writing I had no desire to toss aside the book and move on to another one. Unfortunately that’s the best recommendation I can make until someone remakes it, not as a set of fantastical toys, but as a serious and well written book or movie. Still, if you see it in a used book store (it’s out of print) and it’s cheap pick it up. Pulp science fiction is great stuff if you’re in the mood.

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San Francisco in Jello

It sounds like some party in Soma or the Castro, but really it’s just a giant replica of San Francisco made entirely from Jello! The thing looks amazing lit up from below, includes tiny trees and light posts. I love the fog rolling in. Check out the movie of the earthquake, too. Liz Hickok has created something I think she should market the hell out of! I’d get a few of these postcards.

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Max Emil Schou

I just got an email from my good friend Lars that he and his wife, Nicole, had their baby last night. Congratulations to the new family!

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De Young or Bust(ed)

De Young Mob on Opening Night
Mobs at the De Young
This weekend I tried to make arrangements to goto the new De Young museum with whoever wanted to go at midnight on Saturday night. Courtney and Dave met me at my place and we wandered over to get in the expected line.

What we didn’t expect as we met Sean W. in line was that it would be a kilometer long. WTF! I’m glad people in San Francisco are into art and everything but they put a real damper on the evening! We heard one estimate that it would take two hours just to get to the front door. At that point we bailed.

I heard today from one person that they got in line at 2:30AM and eventually left the area after 6AM. Yikes.

I’m glad I’ve already gone. Hopefully it will be a bit less crowded sometime in the coming months when I decide to go again.

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