Celtx: Scriptwriting and Preproduction

If you are an aspiring film maker you might be interested in Celtx. It is a free, open source (haven’t looked at the specifics of the license yet) package that includes two very important packages. The first is a scriptwriter. From what I’ve seen it seems quite capable and conforms to standards. The second is the ability to take an existing script and break it down by scene and scene elements (characters, props, wardrobe, sound, camera, lights, etc) and generate reports on what scenes there are, which characters are in each scene, which props are needed by scene, etc. In otherwords it helps the preproduction phase immensely. Brilliant! Plus you can add media elements (pictures, video files, audio files) to any element. It’s almost too much to ask for in a single package.

As a bonus there is a collaberative mode which allows multiple users to work on the same script. I haven’t looked in to this yet so I’m not sure how good it is. Just that it exists, though, is a great addition. If I run into anything particularly bad I’ll report it in the comments, but as it stands I’ve just found a very good free replacement for Final Draft. Nice.

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One Response to “Celtx: Scriptwriting and Preproduction”

  1. odd says  (September 8th, 2005 at 23:23:54 )

    Looks like an interesting little app. I’m curious to hear what your thoughts on it are after playing with it for a bit. Think I’ll grab a copy to mess around with, too.