Quite a Good Show

It’s the day after and I have to say Not Bill did very well last night. Sometimes we’ve gone in to play these open mic nights and they have a full schedule and we only get in a few songs. We were planning for this, but instead we ended up playing eight or nine songs. Scott came up and sang along. Actually he got one of the biggest compliments; someone said he had a really distinctive voice. I tend to agree. Dave did quite well, too, considering he couldn’t see what I was doing and probably couldn’t hear any better than me; the sound system at Ireland’s 32 is adequate, but certainly not great!

As usual, one of the things that makes me happiest about these things is playing our music and getting the crowd involved. Chopping Up Robert turned in to this event. There’s nothing like getting a small crowd of people joyfully singing about using an axe on a guy named Robert.

For anyone who missed out we will probably do at least one more show before the end of the year. You know I’ll post it here!

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