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May Roundup

What a month it’s been. A month of fairly dramatic, generally positive change. Some of the changes have yet to manifest, but that will come.

After four years I finally have moved on from Sunset and started working for VIZ. I can’t express what a good move this has been for me.

Ann has chosen her grad school and though we’ll be apart for a while I know it will be a good move for her. I need to start checking to see how expensive flights out there are. Maybe I can go look up my old stomping grounds around Cunningham Elementary School. Looking at the Google Map of the area, I’m not sure where we lived; I’ll have to shoot an email to my Dad and get the address.

Jon E., despite the lack of updates on his public site, has been making huge leaps on his projects. It’s great to see him at it; I just wish I could force myself to get to work on the various websites he needs built for when he presents his work to the world at large! Urgh. Soon.

The only truly sad news is that The Great Corruptor of Souls, NHK, is moving back to his homeland of Chicago for an indefinite period of time. Originally this was to happen later in the summer but a few weeks ago we learned it would happen much, much sooner. He’ll be sorely missed.

It looks like May is my lightest blogging month this year. I guess I’ve been busy. I’m not sure what more June will bring aside from the resuscitated Monthly Blogging Challenge. Wow, I didn’t realize how many we’d been through already! June’s Challenge is to write twelve helpful tips. If you’re new to the challenge, or have just watched from the sidelines thus far, I encourage you to take it up and run with it.

I think I’ll also try to clean up and catch up with my 2005 goals, too (January’s Challenge). I’m behind on a few for no good reason…

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Prepending "Christian" To Your Business Name

Let’s say you’ve got the perfect business and you’re ready to launch. Still, there’s a nagging feeling that there’s something missing that will catapult your business into the world of the disgustingly profitable. Let me help you.

Whatever your business, prepend the word “Christian” to your business name. I know, I know… That will seemingly destroy the name you paid a branding company millions of dollars to come up with. Let me tell you something your overpaid branding company didn’t tell you:

Christians are ready to throw their money at you.

It’s true! Christian music, Christian day care centers, Christian travel companies, Christian publishing companies, Christian anything; they are all making money you won’t because they have the word “Christian” in their name, whether they are Christian or not.

And hey, a few years down the road when that’s not such a profitable schtick you can dump the unprofitable word. It’s easy, and your business will continue to make money. It’s a dog eat dog world out there or, as you should get used to saying in the meantime, an eye for an eye world.

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Automatic Automobile Navigation

Last night I had yet another one of my plane crashing into my city dreams. This time I was in a stadium and the plane was flipping end over end without any wings. Lovely image.

This got me thinking (in the dream still) that we have to get people out of the air on remaining on the ground. The trouble is that they can’t be driving cross country at one go without sleeping. There should be a way to do it, though. Automated automobiles. I know there are researchers out there doing it but in the dream I was working out a system.

At every intersection and at every mile marker and exits on the highways put a sensor that indicates where you are. The car will then drive itself at the optimal speed, using the sensors to enter and exit highways, turn at proper intersections, and deliver you, the passenger, to your destination. The research I’ve seen others doing is mostly to do hands off driving. This would complement this technology and get you where you’re going. No more need for airplanes to fall out of the sky.

Yeah, I know, a strange topic to have come up in a dream when I’ve just watched a plane go tumbling out of the sky, but there it is.

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Kitchen Cleaning Sucks

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a clean freak. Not that I’m a slob, but I tend to let things slide and my cleaning tends to lean more towards the “tidy things up a bit” than the “scrub till my fingers bleed” on the sliding scale. I just spent a good hour washing dishes that had accumulated in the kitchen. Because they’d already been rinsed nothing was growing on them, but there was a lot of accumulation of plates and (not unsurprisingly) wine glasses.

Now they are all clean and I sort of have the feeling that I might not do it again for another month. This despite knowing that if I just did it regularly the task wouldn’t be such a chore.

All hail laziness in all it’s forms, and bemoan the fact that we don’t have an automated society where this all takes care of itself.

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Energy From the Ocean

Quite a while back I read The Millennial Project by Marshall T. Savage. The purpose of the book is to plan step by step how to get humanity into space in logical, economical and feasible means. One of the early steps is solving the energy crisis and this was done by tapping into the ocean.

Today while perusing Slashdot Science I saw this article in Wired called The Mad Genius from the Bottom of the Sea about someone actually doing this. John Craven has started a company that is drawing up cold water from the depths of the ocean, mixing it with warm water and generating a net current.

“The potential of OTEC [ocean thermal energy conversion] is great,” says Joseph Huang, a senior scientist for the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration and an expert on the process. “The oceans are the biggest solar collector on Earth, and there’s enough energy in them to supply a thousand times the world’s needs. If you want to depend on nature, the oceans are the only energy source big enough to tap.”

When I read Mr. Savage’s book I thought this was one of the more immediately interesting projects because it could potentially be done today. I wonder if the two (Savage and Craven; what a pair of names!) have heard of each other?

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Blogger Evite from KRON

Hey Bay Area Bloggers! What are you doing on June 11th at noon (that’s a Saturday)? KRON is inviting us to visit them with, apparently, no real agenda. I think I just might attend.

I’m not sure how they found me; possibly through my mild association with the San Francisco Bay Area Webloggers. Regardless I feel like I’m part of something unexpected simply by getting the email today. It would be interesting to meet some of the others out here and find out what the actual secret agenda (because, c’mon, there’s going to be one) KRON has in mind.

Maybe there could be an OOKEE and/or a Blosxom contingent/get together? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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Celebration Weekend 2005

If you should find yourself attending Sunset’s Celebration Weekend tomorrow (Sunday) please stop by the photo booth and say hello. I should be there all day.

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I Saw Saw

We watched The Saw last night for Geek Night. I was expecting something gory as it seemed to be marketed as a horror flick (just look at the cover of the DVD; it’s got nothing to do with the movie!). This was not a horror flick so much as a tight thriller along the lines of Se7en (or however they wrote that).

I have to admit I liked the movie, even enough to recommend it. I’m going to leave it at that and if you’ve seen the movie read on because I’m going to give away the ending and then spell out how I would have ended it. This also means don’t click to leave comments because you’ll see the whole article after the jump.

Read the rest of this entry…

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The End of an Age

Star Trek has entered a hiatus. Enterprise aired its final episode last Friday (yeah, I’m way behind on posting!). Honestly I think this is a good thing. The direction of the show and the original vision of Gene were lost somewhere along the way many years ago and wasn’t really recovered.

What makes me sad is that it could have ended on such a grand note. It didn’t. I blame that on the writers and producers. Oh well. I could harp on and on about it, but then I’d have to stretch back memory to last Friday and that’s a tricky thing at this hour.

Star Trek is dead. Long live Star Trek!

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Bay to Breakers 2005

Today (actually yesterday since I forgot to post this and post-dated it) I saw my first Bay to Breakers. This race is a San Francisco institution that I’ve missed every year since I’ve been here. There is the normal race, often won by Kenyans, of people who are trying to get to the finish line any way they possibly can. Then there is the other race, won by no one, of people who dress up -or take off all their clothes- and walk the whole distance. It’s almost like Halloween, and everyone has a good time. Drinking by spectators and runners is common. Some of the groups had good themes like the cabana bar on wheels with the hundred or so people in Hawaiian shirts drinking something out of coconuts. Some them were OK, like the many pirates or superheroes.

It’s quite a thing to see, and very much like a parade. For an example of some of the craziness, check out this Google image search (warning: nudity). Like I’ve said before… San Francisco has every band of freaks…

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