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iBook Curse Revisited

Almost exactly a year ago I was visited by the ever dangerous Curse of the iBook which, translated, means a faulty logic board for which there was a recall. Last night my computer froze up cold on me before going out to a movie. I thought it was strange, but restarted and everything worked fine for the rest of the night.

This afternoon it did it again. “???” I thought to myself. Rebooting this time didn’t have the desired effect at first. When the computer did come up I ran utilities (nothing found) and was just about to start using it when the screen lit up like a psychedelic xmas tree. This, at least, was familar. Bummer. I called Apple and they are having me send it in. Hopefully I can boot it up in Target Mode (hold Command-T while booting up and your computer becomes a very expensive Firewire drive) and get some of the files I need to work with.

Hey, Uncle Roger, it looks like your idea for a March Challenge (see his comments at the link) might just well be bloody worth my time!

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