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Anyone who thought my October Blogging Challenge was, well, challenging…

Or thought that Jason Clark’s upped ante (fifth item) for blogging the rest of the month was nigh impossible…

You should check out the National Novel Writing Month, where entrants are asked to write an entire novel in the month of November. Talk about a challenge! The folks as Blogger are also wondering if anyone wants to blog out their novel (using their service, of course). If you are blogging your novel let everyone know by signing up here. I wish I were up to the challenge this year, but I’m not. 175 pages (apprx. 50,000 words) is just unfathomable to me right now.

However, next year, barring severe and legitimate excuses, I will do it.


For those of you interested, Wizards of the Coast is having an open call for proposals for novels. The details are here and the deadline is March, 2005. Maybe it’ll be enough time for the NaNoWriMo participants to do a few rewrites.

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