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The Job of the President

With the election at full tilt and “battleground” states up in rhetorical flames we have to endure endless BS from both parties. I’ve had individuals on street corners asking me to support Kerry, propoganda from the local Bush/Cheney HQ warning me that America will be attacked by terrorists if Bush isn’t elected, and even more crap in the mail from both parties.

It’s all bunk. It’s all just a ploy at their own grab for power. What is the last thing a President has done for me? It’s not the President’s job to do anything for me that the individuals on street corners and on the telephone are claiming. It’s his job to defend our country. It’s his job to create treaties with other countries. It’s his job to fill certain vacancies in the government, like the Supreme Court. Read the Constitution. It’s laid out in plain English.

There are a lot of things people think are the Presidents job and both parties love to tell you about them and where their candidate stands on a particular issue. Here is the Democrat’s list, and here’s the Republican’s. However:

It is not his job to figure out how to fix the economy.
It’s not his job to talk about religion.
It’s not his job to tell people they can or can’t have assault rifles.
It’s not his job to tell people they can or can’t have abortions.
It’s not his job to reform health care.
It’s not his job to get involved in Education.
It’s not his job to be worried about the environment.
It’s not his job to fix the problems with Social Security.
It’s not his job to get involved in Energy issues.

It’s *not* his job to do alot of the things people think it’s his job to do. These are, all of them, the job of Congress. The President can, of course, recommend to Congress issues that might be a good idea to work on (that’s in the Constitution, too), but fixing these things isn’t the job of the President, unless somehow it involves security, military, or treaties.

The President often gets involved in these issues, and sometimes will use his priviledge of Executive Order, but these things are not his job.

I’m tired of the propoganda machines churning out stinking tripe about “the issues” when there are just a few questions you need to ask yourself when choosing the President.

Who is more qualified to lead the military?
Who is more qualified to interact with the world at large and create treaties in our favor?
Who is going to appoint better judges and ambassadors?

If you were to consider the “issues” at all, you might want to ask yourself who has better ideas they might recommend to Congress, understanding that Congress has no obligation to implement those recommendations and may, in fact, oppose the President on the issues.

I’m sure many of you are going to think I’m naive with my point of view. However, I am not wrong. The President may seem to have alot of power and control, but he does not. He does have a lot of influence, and that has translated to perceived power, especially since the days of President FDR. Presidents Kennedy and Johnson spearheaded Civil Rights which might not have happened with the Congress at the time, but it was not in their job description.

So in a few weeks I’ll be voting for who I think will make a better President based on the criteria I’ve outlined above. If you’ve read my blog at all you know who that is and why, and I’ll thread that into a new single entry… another day.

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