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AltHistory of AltHistory

I am liking some of the alternate history sites I’ve found online like Today in Alternate History. I found this interesting twist on the genre on Will Shetterly’s blog. Mr. Shetterly speculates from an alternate history where Al Gore won the 2000 election what it might have been like if George Bush had actually won. The results are interesting.

[Patrick, who the blog entry is addressed to] imagines a Bush who reverses Clinton’s record and creates the greatest deficit in history, whose wars in Afghanistan and Iraq result in two unstable countries, who adds a million people to the unemployment rolls and millions more to the number without health care, and with all this, the election between Bush and his Democratic opponent is up for grabs?

Patrick, I love you, man, but you’ve been reading too much science fiction.

Yes, it would have been very difficult to predict we’d be where we are today if Gore had won. Certainly no one would have ever thought Bush would do such a great job of fscking things up.

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