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Urban Wildlife

Last night I was witness to the “circle of life” right in Ann’s backyard. I was home alone while she was visiting family friends and heard noises outside. Looking out I saw a raccoon in the grass. Animals had dug up Ann’s yard on several occasions and so I stomped on the patio to try and scare it away.

Urban raccoons, however, aren’t afraid of people, and it just kept gnawing away on… whatever it was. My stomping, however, sent three more of his friends out in the yard, eight glowing eyes staring up at me. I thought better of it and went back in the house to look at them with glass between us.

They could have cared less about me, though. They fought over the food which, it appeared, still had a bit of fight left. I saw it had two glowing eyes, too. I thought it might be a rat. Somehow I didn’t feel too sorry for the rat. How can you feel sorry for a rat? Instead I looked around the house for Ann’s camera. I couldn’t find it and a quick call confirmed Ann had taken it with her. Needless to say she wasn’t happy to hear that the raccoons were having a party in her backyard.

I wasn’t about to be more manly than I am so I hopped on my computer instead and worked on last night’s entry. Every once in a while I’d check on their progress. An hour later and they had gone so I grabbed a flashlight and headed out to investigate the damage. A few holes in the grass and some small bits of fur were all that remained.

I jumped at a noise behind me. Fortunately it was just a possum wandering about. I watched him move slowly under some boards. Ann came home and told me that possums go in twos, so likely the raccoon’s dinner was his friend. This made me sad.

This morning all I could find in the yard was an ear. RIP, poor possum. I think it’s time to bring my slingshot over to Ann’s so I can drive those raccoons off the next time I see them. Stupid raccoons.

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