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What would be the properties of a three dimensional operating system? Following my speculations here I’ve given this some thought. Unfortunately I am not a programmer, nor so I have a degree in computer science. Therefore my ideas may be way off center or impractical. Also, I fear they are too much based upon the current two dimensional model.

Obviously a three dimensional operating system (3dOS) would be based on Software and Hardware, and how the User interacts with both. I believe that, generally, the software we currently have is up to the task at hand to create a rudimentary 3dOS. Gamers have already shown that 3D environments are usable and practicle.

I think the interface with the 3dOS, the hardware specifically, need alot of work. Not that there isn’t technology out there already, but it’s adaption is sometimes too expensive, sometimes limited in scope, and sometimes just too silly for a person to take seriously.

Over the course of the next week or so I’ll be going over some of these ideas as they’ve been percolating in my head. These are the times where I wish I had the influence to pull the proper group of people together to make this idea a reality, because whoever comes up with a simple, useful 3dOS will be the next Apple and Microsoft rolled into one.

In the meantime enjoy this detailed explaination of 3DOSX, a MacOS X quasi-3d file browser which attempted (it’s unclear to me whether it is still being developed) to create a simple 3D interface.

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