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Challenge Winners

My challenge call was answered and the resounding winners are Uncle Roger and Jason Clark. I can’t really claim to have won since on Saturday I postponed until late at night when I suddenly discovered my ISP went down and I couldn’t post! Yes, I’ve yet again learned the lesson of procrastination.

I think I’ll have this contest every year, and maybe more often. Quarterly? I should probably come up with a snappier title, too. Maybe the October Blogathon? Any ideas? For now, however, feel free to paste this code somewhere on your site:

Winner: October Blog Challenge

For the next one I’ll come up with a graphic…

Thanks to Mr. Defiant and Gracie for participating, too! I know your time was crunched or you would have made it. In the meantime, Jason has issued a continued challenge (5th item down) to post an article everyday for the rest of the month. I’m going for it…

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