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Characters & Viewpoint

Orson Scott Card, Characters & ViewpointAnyone interested in writing fiction would find great benefit from reading Mr. Cards clear advice on developing characters that stand out, and creating the correct viewpoint to write from. Unfortunately I read this over the span of months not having dedicated to reading lately. Still, I will always wonder what the true story of Pete and Nora, Mr. Card’s “demonstration” characters. If the point is to create memorable characters and viewpoints the book succeeds on those two characters alone!

Sections include: Inventing Characters, Constructing Characters, and Performing Characters, which many chapters dedicated to each section. Click on the image above to pick it up for yourself.

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Badly Drawn Boy

Today Ann and I went to see Badly Drawn Boy (AKA Damon Gough) at Rasputin Music in Berkeley. They are off in support of the new album One Plus One Is One. He performed with his flute player, wearing his trademark hat and being rather funny, mentioning he was suprised he was up and about so early (it was almost 3PM) since he still had a hangover.

The perfomance, though simple, was very interesting. I’ve been listening to the music for so long that to hear the complex arrangements played on an acoustic guitar was enlightening. I can’t wait to try out a few of the techniques myself. I’ll write up a better review of the album itself another time. In the meantime, click here to pick up the album yourself and give it a listen.

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