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I haven’t defined what the framework for my site exactly. Many sites create a certain framework for what they post, either by talking about a specific topic like marketing news, or by viewing the world through their own, rose-colored lenses and skewing everything they see to that color (these are “personality” sites). Both methods attract people because most people look for like minded people and interests.

For example alot of geeks are attracted to Slashdot, while alot of political conservatives get their news from the Drudge Report (hello, Mookee). Those interested in science might visit the Science Blog daily, while many interested in satire and humor often go to The Onion. Everyone has an angle, a specialty. Speculative fiction fans might read Neil Gaiman’s blog. The point is there’s something out there for anyone, and you can find it.

What have I got? Probably too much. Looking over recent posts I see something about cats, comment spammers, blogging, pirates, facial hair, star trek, linguistics, Congressional salaries and politics. Generally personal and geeky, like hundreds (if not thousands) of other sites. Do I have to become a “pundit” of some sort? If so, I’m doomed because, aside from a few strong opinions about too many things, I’m not an expert at anything.

Likely I will simply continue to write about whatever I’ve always written about, which is quite a bit. I’m not really too concerned with who is coming to sp.ookee because I have no control -or desire to control- that particular aspect of the site. What I do want to work on more is the technique of writing. I want it to be more interesting, to have an interesting angle (that is still my own), and improve my writing abilities. I know since I started this site that I’ve improved, but there’s still a long way to go, and I haven’t focused on improvement in a very long time.

An ironic goal to state since I need to get this posted before midnight and don’t have time tonight to edit this!

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