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Brandi Shearer

While the Crooked Jades occurred over the weekend, tonight Ann and I met Sarah at… some bar whose name I didn’t get (UPDATE: it was the Red Devil Lounge) to see Brandi Shearer and Dan Armstrong Andrews, Sarah’s cousin, perform an acoustic set. Brandi and Ann used to work together a long time ago, and I saw her about a year ago at the Red Devil Lounge. She’s got a strong voice. Her acoustic guitar tonight was pretty straight forward with clever riffs… honestly it was her voice that carried the show tonight. I think I prefer her with her band where the energy is far more palpable and she can go crazy.

It seems like I’ve seen alot of live music this past week… Which reminds me that this weekend is Celebration Weekend at work and there is a band playing this year that I wanted to see. At least I hope they’re playing this year since I heard they’ve played the last several years. We’ll see.

Anyways, if you like blues with a slight rock edge check out Brandi. And if you’re the type that likes to develop crushes on beautiful female singers, go see Brandi. Now I’m going to bed. G’night.

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Unexpected Benefit

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed lately, but if you hit the recent comments link above then it looks like I’m getting loads and loads of comments. I’m having a hard time confirming this, but it looks like what is happening is the comment spammers are trying to hit my blog and failing because I have the writebackautoclose plugin active.

Those stories are getting some attention from what I can see in my logs, but I’m still not positive. Regardless, the unexpected benefit is that if you hit the recent comments link you’ll get an almost random list of extra articles to peruse at your leisure. I’ve revisited a few old articles I’d forgotten about. It’s kind of fun, give it a try and see what I’ve been ranting about for years!

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The Crooked Jades

The Crooked Jades are an “old time” and bluegrass style band based here in San Francisco. Dave invited Ann and I to go see them along with Lia, Lia’s brother also named Doug and his wife Didi. I didn’t know exactly what “old time” was supposed to mean, but I was willing to see and hear.

They played at the Noe Valley Ministry which I thought was a cool name for a club but which turned out to be an actual church. The space was open and had natural good acoustics. Los Cenzontles was the opening band and played their traditional Mexican revival music. They were really good and very energetic. I especially liked that they broke the idea of the mariachi band being the only form of Mexican music.

Then the Crooked Jades went up there and I was amazed. Jeff Kazor, the leader of the band, has a great voice and is piping full of energy, and I’ve never seen anyone pick like Lisa Berman. The other musician, Stephanie Prausnitz, Tom Lucas and Dave Bamberger were no slouches, either. They even had a klogger come up on stage, Kyra Baele (and her daughter whose name I forget).

It’s a shame the hall was so big and yet so empty because they sounded powerful, clear and happy. I felt I was transported back to a different time when, to be cliche, Oh Brother Where Art Thou was not a movie but reality. It’s obvious they love their music and its history, too, as they would talk about where the songs came from, and their influences.

If you love “old time” music you should make the time to go see them, and if you’re not sure go to their website and visit the CD/MP3 link where you will find a few songs available online to whet your appetite. I think you might like them as much as I do.

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Condoms are the irritating but sometimes necessary punctuation in the grammar of sex.

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