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Damn Cats

Kitwik Scared
Kitwik enjoys the bed for the last time.
Cats are the strangest creatures. Mine, named Kitwik, is stranger than many. He’s a big cat, maybe 8 or 9kg, but not fat just big. Yet for all his bulk is is the biggest scaredy cat of all time. I’m one of the few people that can get near him reliably. Mr. Defiant has been around him for three years now and can barely manage it. NHK can manage it sometimes, but I think that’s because to Kitwik we probably look similar; Kitwik has an eye condition I sometimes think affects his vision. Jezebel, Mr. Defiant’s cat, is very small and gimpy. She hates to be picked up but is an attention hound.

I don’t allow the cats on the bed. It’s just not done. Kitwik used to curl up at the very bottom of the bed on the side I prefer, and that was fine for a while, but for almost a year he hasn’t even bothered with that. Then a few days ago Jezebel thought my bed looked nice. Got cat hair all over the sheets and the pillows. I almost had an aneurism. Worse, the next day both of the damn cats were on the bed.

So now, much to their chagrin, I’ve been closing the door to the room. Worse for them Mr. Defiant has been closing the doors to his rooms, too, so the only refuge they have is the hallways and the kitchen. They hate it.

I wish this story had a point, but it really doesn’t. The cats hate me now. I’ve chased Jezzie around the house yelling at her, and Kitwik runs from me whenever he sees me coming down the hallway but can’t get far because the doors are shut to his favorite hiding spots and he freaks out. I might feel sorry if they’d stay off my bed. Then again, I might not…

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Challenge Participants

I was asked today who was participating in my October Blogging Challenge, so without further talk, here are the people I know are writing:

Uncle Roger
JClark dot org
Gracie and the City (started a day late)
I Am Defiant

Of course I’m part of that list, and I’m going to try and post daily here and on And just so you know, I’m not counting this particular post…

UPDATE 2004.10.05

Jason Clark has upped the ante of the challenge to see who can keep blogging daily until November 1st. It’ll be a tough road but I’m going to try it both here and on

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