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<quietly>Happy Birthday, Skooz!</quietly>

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Is It My Fault?

All my life and I never knew that the original Star Trek series ended on the day I was born. Great, now I feel like it’s my fault… or my destiny? :)

I learned this playing with Google Date (found on the Presurfer). It’s not an exact science but the results can be interesting.

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Linguistic Links

Quick post to note some language links I want to be able to refer back to.

Language Miniatures is a series of short essays on language in it’s many forms.

The Fantasist has a great constructed language page here which includes a web version of the great LangMaker tool that seems to have fallen by the wayside. The rest of their site has tons of great material for world building in general.

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Blosxom User Group Site Revived

I’ve brought back up the old “Unofficial Blosxom User Group” site because even if it doesn’t get alot of new material posted to it, at least I could do one rather important task: listing all the plugins and flavours/themes I’ve collected as a secondary source for folks that can’t find a particular file.

Here is the list of flavours/themes.

Here is a long list of plugins for Blosxom Version 2.

Here are the few plugins I have for Blosxom Version 3.

I’ve added a few articles there, too, culled from the mailing list. I’ll add more of those with time. Eventually I want to turn on comments, but I don’t want to have the issues with comment spam there that I’ve had here. Jason Clark has given me a few ideas and hacks for that.

Anyways, for now the site is there, and I think this time maybe a few others might volunteer to help maintain it, which would be perfecto!

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Pirate Party

Arrr! Talk Like a Pirate Day!Ahoy mateys! There be a good party here yesterday in celebration of Talk Like a Pirate day, which be today, truth be told. The merriment was large, the swill was drunk, vittles be downed, and everyone was keel hauled by the end. I be posting more pictures when me mates send a few, but for now here be one. The hat and eye patch be fetching, and the boots as well, though they not be shown. Arrr!

Get ye out and talk like a pirate this fine day!

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Dongle’s Friend

Most people who have known me for a while know Dongle Dog and his crazy exploits. It looks like NHK has found a picture of one of Dongle’s school chums. Read the rest of this entry…

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I Need a Raise, Too!

Say hello to the United States Congress, the only job I’m aware of where you can give yourself a raise. If only it were so simple to get more money myself.

Do they really need or deserve $158,100 a year? It seems like they would have more incentive if they only earned what the average American earned. That would make their salary, what… $35,000 or so? I can’t imagine how drastically the face of Congress would change.

I could live very comfortably on their income, even with a family of my own (which I don’t have yet). Perhaps it’s time for me to goto law school and get a job in Congress. Maybe then I can actually do something about these rants I keeping going on about.

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Dear Comment Spammers

Dear Comment Spammers,

Please kindly fsck off. If I were interested in your gambling casinos I would goto them on my own. The silly drugs you peddle do not interest me. I don’t want or need a larger penis or a boob job, thank you very much.

I find it pathetic that you are using an open proxy at the National TaiChung Teacher’s College in Taiwan, poor users’ machines in Tokyo, Haifa, Israel, and somewhere in China. These people should know better, but what you are doing is criminal. At least grow some balls and do it straight from your own machine (perhaps you should look into the V|@gra you are selling).

This does not change the fact that you should be locked up in a pound you in the @ss prison for 10 years minimum. I’ll raise a glass tonight to the few lawmakers with spines who are working to pass laws to bring this dream to effect.



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Economics of Government

The President is running the government like a poorly planned and executed DotCom business and the only result I can see is disaster for everyone except him. After all, the CEOs and other ranking members of these DotComs all made a ton of money regardless of bankruptcy.OK, maybe someone can explain this to me.

It’s always been my understanding that the government is like a huge business. It makes money through a variety of means (taxes, tariffs, deals with other countries, applications for various services, etc). Being run like a business the goal should be to only spend as much as you have unless further down the line you expect a huge return. Expecting that huge return is, of course, risk. You also have to know that the risky return is going to be enough.

What I’m not understanding is how President Bush is running the economic side of our government. He goes on and on about cutting taxes. The Republicans call this “tax relief” but in the context of my question, and from the perspective of government what it amounts to is cutting your business’ income. Essentially you are reducing what you are charging for services. Of course the customer (tax payers) love this; who doesn’t want lower price for a great service?

Yet President Bush is also spending money like there’s no tomorrow (see this from The American Conservative). I don’t get it. How does this fit a supposed agenda of smaller government that spends less?

I understand (though I don’t entirely agree with) why cutting taxes helps to stimulate the economy. Yet the way President Bush is behaving reminds me of the DotCom Bubble Boom Bust. You had these DotComs who had a ton of initial investment (read: money to spend) for a developed product and/or service. This is exactly what the government does; they have some money (through taxes, etc) and they spend it on services (military, education, etc).

The problem with the DotComs -besides that alot of them were developing the stupidest products and services on the planet- was that they would sell this product/service at a loss, often for free. A few DotComs were hoping that later down the road they would get a fat return (a huge risk in an untried field), but most of them simply didn’t know what they were doing. When the money ran out they declared bankruptcy, investors lost a lot of money, reputations were destroyed, and a lot of highly paid employees suddenly found themselves working at Starbucks.

Yet this is what I see George Bush doing. Spending money, maintaining or creating services, yet charging less for them. The President is running the government like a poorly planned and executed DotCom business and the only result I can see is disaster for everyone except him. After all, the CEOs and other ranking members of these DotComs all made a ton of money regardless of bankruptcy.

Could someone please explain to me how this is sound, responsible economics for a government?

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Gracie and the City

There’s a new blog out there,… Give her a warm welcome as she embarks on a new chapter in her life, blogging it all the way.

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