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Barenaked Ladies. Everything to Everyone

Barenaked Ladies, Everything to EveryoneBarenaked Ladies are at it again with a slightly more serious album, though by serious I simply mean that there are a few more songs that you sit and listen to instead of get up and jump around. I like this one, for many of the same reasons I like all their previous work; excellence and irreverence. Worth the purchase, that’s for sure. My favorite songs on the disk are “Maybe Katie”, “Testing 1, 2, 3” and “Shopping”… although for singing along in the car for some reason I really like “Aluminum.”

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Jennifer Nerad, Painter

My cousin, Jennifer, has put up a website with a few of her paintings. Our lives have many odd similarities, like that we are both working with computers with similar jobs in the publishing industry, we (now) both have webpages, and we both have creative urges. I express mine in music and writing, and she in painting and dancing, and probably other fields I’m not aware of like music and writing. It seems to be a Nerad trait; I think we all show a definate technical and creative bent.

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to more paintings to be posted!

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