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Here’s a nifty link for you to keep abreast of what Congress has been up to: They catalog the bills that have been passed, which ones are currently pending, who votes which way, etc. A good way to keep abreast of what’s happening in at least one branch of our government.

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I’m a Billionaire

Unfortunately I’m only a Blogshares billionaire. Too bad real life isn’t as simple…

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Finally after months of struggling to grok the theory and application I’ve manged to get a big project at work finished. Our users are in a Microsoft Active Directory, but we want our MacOS X users to have home directories hosted on a MacOS X Server. It sounds simple, but it’s a pain in the a$$ and I almost gave up on it several times. Sometime in the near future I’ll document the process.

One of the many things that was frustrating was the lack of documentation, and where there was documentation its assumption that you know some advanced concepts already. “Please see your system/network administrator…” Well, for fscks sake, that’s me! And I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about!

At least the hard part is over. Once again I can feel confident that even without a clue, I can get the job done…

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Strange Thought

Every person you see today -unless they have a medical condition- has touched their genitals at least once today. As Spock would say, “Fascinating.”

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Guy in the Red Civic

Dear Guy in the Red Civic,

Not only are you an ugly, globulous person who desperately needs to wash his car, but you really REALLY need to pull your tongue into your head. I looked at you for an entire red light on Skyline Drive wagging your slimy pink tongue around. Not once did you retract it into your puffy mouth. Perhaps the copious size of your jowls incurs upon your oral cavity and prevents your tongue’s withdrawal; if this is the case please wear a scarf over your face to spare others.

Sincerely hoping you’re not a paedophile,


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New Permanent Olympic Venue

The Olympics are a world venue. Every four years they occur in a different country and the competition to host them is fierce and, to me, rather silly. It shows a sort of favoritism I don’t think appropriate. It would be better if they were held in some absolutely neutral place, but there’s no place on Earth that’s neutral. Is there?

Yes, there is; the oceans. Further, with the amount of money the Olympics generates, the oceans do not have to mean “take over a puny island somewhere” but it could mean building out the future. They could build an island, somewhere central, which could be designed around the principles of Marshall T. Savage’s book, The Millennial Project.

This island would be self sufficient. It would generate its own income. It would be staffed by its own dedicated crew. Various countries could compete to be sponsors, perhaps, but the debt they incur as it stands now (Greece is supposedly eight billion dollars in debt because of their 2004 Olympics) would not happen.

Just a fantasy idea, but if we’re ever going to get off this rock, the research and development has to start somewhere. Why not with something that benefits all humanity in so many ways already?

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Alternate History Annotations

Everyday I’ve been reading Today in Alternate History since discovering it. Now I see there’s a companion site providing annotations for the real events mentioned in the Alternate History. Great reading even on its own!

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I Can Relate

Uncle Roger wrote a piece not long ago about things he would like from a job. Boy can I relate. My worry is that this is just idealism. Not that this would deter me… I’m an idealist at heart.

Something I can’t relate to as much but still identify with is this article which begs the question, “How many bloggers does it take to change a lightbulb?” Anyone who’s been sucked into the larger blogosphere can identify with it. I’ve managed to stay a passive observer.

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Art Cartography

What: Urban Legends… the city in Maps

When: August 6th – 21st, 2004

Where: Oaklandish

Who: city|SPACE

citySPACE Urban Legends Event Flyer

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One Way to Install Blosxom

One of the good and bad things about Blosxom is its flexibility. There is no absolute right or wrong way to install, configure, or use it. That being said, there are some things common to each installation. I’m running several sites with Blosxom using Apache on MacOS X. Because of its flexibility I can only show you how I’ve got it installed. I strongly encourage you to try an installation on your own and see how it works; it’s really the best way to find out.

Meanwhile, my set up… keep in mind this is a MacOS X setup so the directories and such are going to be different for various operating systems. The ideas, however, are the same, so it should translate well to whatever OS you have once you figure out the proper directory structure.

I’ve been meaning to write an article like this for ages. Thanks to David Goldstein for asking the questions that got me started!

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