A George Lucas Evening

Going in reverse order, Sean, Jon E and I watched the premier of Stargate: Atlantis. In it there was a reference to Star Wars (“A galaxy far, far away…”). Earlier in the evening we had gone out to see King Arthur at the Metreon. The sound was done using THX, another Lucas product. Before going to see King Arthur we had dinner at Mel’s Diner. A few booths away from us was… George Lucas.

Pretty cool, but we had to wonder why someone would go have dinner in a place that pictures of himself plastered up on the wall (shots from American Graffiti). Anyways, it’s one of the few celebrity sightings I’ve had in many years. For some reason I rarely see big names out and about town, here, in DC, in Prague… What’s the “biggest” celebrity sighting you’ve ever had?

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One Response to “A George Lucas Evening”

  1. Jon E. says  (January 1st, 1970 at 08:00:00 )

    Well working in the food service and hotel buisness I have seen and feed quite a few: