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Today there have been a number of people saying goodbye to me by saying, “Adios.” What is up with that? No one has said adios to me in years until today and now they are making up for it…

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Blosxom Blog List

Time Is Tight has updated his list of active Blosxom blogs. You can view the list here. There seems to be quite a bit of diversity creeping in from my earlier speculations.

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Copyright Monopoly

Today bOING bOING posted an article giving some critiques of copyright. It basically says that copyright as practiced today is not an incentive for people to create but a creation of a monopoly. Monopolies are antithetical to our market driven economy.

Who’s to say that I can’t market and sell Mickey Mouse better than Disney does? That’s a rhetorical question, but I think there are companies that could. In a free market you would imagine that the more competition there is over a product, the more innovation there would be and the price would drop. For example, if I build a mouse trap, and then you build a better mouse trap for less cost than mine, you’d soon see me working hard to create an even better mouse trap that would cost less than your pithy attempt.

Some would say that intellectual property (IP) is different because it’s an intangible thing. This isn’t true. If I write a song, and you write a song based on it but that is much better (specifically in terms of sales) I should have two options. 1) I can make the song even better so no one is interested in your version anymore or 2) concede defeat and accept some sort of royalty payment that is reasonable.

Yet the reality is that if I were to make a movie with a character named Carver Cat and you made reference to Carver Cat I would sue you for all you’re worth. I would sue anyone making reference to Carver Cat inperpetuity because that is what our (stupid) legislators in Congress have allowed me to do. Never mind that I am not doing anything with Carver Cat and nor shall I ever again. I have a monopoly for life on Carver Cat just as Disney does for Mickey Mouse.

So again, I wonder whether someone could sue the monopoly Disney has for Mickey Mouse? After all, we have anti-trust laws in the books…

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I’ve started using a great little application called Enkoder to hide email addresses on sp.ookee and with the purpose of preventing spammers from harvesting my email address any more than they already have. You can use their online form to generate the javascript or they have a stand alone application for users of OS X.

UPDATE 2006.09.30: Sadly I’ve had to remove all the Enkoder bits on this site as it was causing pages not to render. Perhaps WordPress doesn’t allow Javascript within posts? I’m too lazy to look it up…

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Return of the Zippo

Many months ago I thought I lost my Zippo lighter I’d had for a long time. It was given to me when I lived in Prague by a friend named Zoka to give it a new, hopefully happier, life.

Zoka is Bosnian, and he managed to escape the killing there and found refuge in Prague along with hundreds of other ex-Yugoslavians. I felt rather bad losing the lighter and could only console myself thinking that it would find someplace decent but felt it was a shame whoever found it wouldn’t have a clue as to the history of the lighter.

Today Ann and I went to Bolinas to surf and in the process of looking for some random thing in the back of the car… there was the Zippo! Strange and suprising given when I first lost the thing I scoured the Subaru. Anyways, it’s back and I think it’s going to get put on a shelf somewhere prominent.

For the record it has serial BVIII (that would be February of 88, I believe). It’s a pretty old one, relatively speaking. I’m still suprised it wasn’t lost all this time…

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Globe of Blogs

Globe of Blogs is a directory with over 12,000 enteries categorized by title, topic and location. Not too shabby, maybe I’ll throw mine in there sometime soon.

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Elitist Bastards?

I’ve just been checking through my referer logs and coming across some interesting items, like some message in a yahoo group called elitist_bastards must have mentioned the site. As they are a member’s only site I can’t get to see what it is they are saying. This, of course, makes me curious!

Are they saying I’m and elitist bastard? Could that be? If so, why? I don’t feel very elitist, though to be sure I know I’m better than most people. (That’s sarcasm.) Are they criticising me for being an elitist bastard?

Could it be that they are considering me for membership? Woohoo! Bring it on! Here are some of my credentials:

1: I’m better than you.
2: I’m way better than you.
3: I’m way better than you not because you suck but because I’m just that good.
4: I can make a great Bloody Mary.
5: I know the difference between (most of) you and your mothers.
6: I check my referer logs, thus demonstrating web superiority.
7: If you need advice on anything, I have the answer.
8: When in doubt, I am right.
9: I know the metric system, and use it, too.
10: I am more than elite, I am 1337!

As you can see I’m highly qualified. Now let me in.

Yoink! I somehow doubt I’m even close to the truth, but I am curious what is being said. Here’s the refering message if anyone would care to pass along what the message actually says…


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More Reactions

I’ve been waiting for my favorite Muslim blogger Al-Muhajabah to post a compilation of reactions to the horrific beheading the other week.

Here is her compilation.

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Sunset Celebration Weekend

This weekend was Sunset’s Celebration Weekend. I worked the Photo Booth where people could get their picture’s taken on a “cover” of Sunset magazine. We took over 800 pictures, and toward the end we were feeling rather slap happy. I even staged a forced perspective picture. It was a good weekend, but I am bloody exhausted.

Sunset Celebration Weekend Celebration Weekend Real Big Bite

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The Cost of Gas

Tonight I gassed up at my usual Shell (warning: irritating music) station in Menlo Park. I noticed they had posted the cost of gas on the pumps but didn’t think much of it. Then a fellow I work with, Alan, pulled up to get gas, too, and asked if I’d seen the sign.

The big sign that shows the cost of gas had this:

Regular: $2.29 9/10
Plus: ARM
Premium: LEG

Naturally I didn’t have my camera phone with me, but I’ll drive by there tomorrow and take a picture!


I stopped by today and took a picture…

Gas Costs an Arm and a Leg

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