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Setting up Polls in Blosxom

I had been looking for a perl script I could use to have polls on The few I found looked complicated and far more difficult than necessary to install and set up. Imagine my suprise when cruising the Blosxom plugin registry and seeing a new plugin there; poll! It was easy to set up, and I did some customization to get it to work better with the site.

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On the Subject of Divorce

Cruising for links to post to I came across this link which brings up a corollary not often talked about, either before San Francisco started marrying homosexuals or after. Titled Same-Sex Marriage: Be Careful What You Ask For, it talks about a few of the realities of divorce.

… Today, 50 percent of all first time marriages and 60 percent of all second marriages will end in divorce, 80 percent of them initiated against the wishes and the will of one of the parties. …

Nor has the institution of the Church been any great help. …Today the divorce rate among those professing to be Christians and who claim to attend church on a regular basis is higher than it is for the general population overall. …

Before the gay community becomes euphoric about gaining the equal right to marry, it might be wise for it to consider, as well, the implications of being denied the right to certain equal protections under the law following divorce.

This issue is a hot bed and there are some groups attempting to address this problem. Not long ago NPR ran a show about Wisconsin’s initiative to create a pre-marriage counseling program to try and prevent the high divorce rate. So far no data is available on how effective this would be, but the idea alone is worth looking into.

Attempting to dig through Congress so far reveals nothing being attempted to address this.

I haven’t set my mind to this subject yet, and since I’m not even married I’m not sure what insight I would give except to say that the few friends of mine who are divorced might have benefitted from such a program, but it’s hard to say. Maybe they will weigh in with comments.

Completely aside, while doing research for writing this I found this which describes 10 ways to save straight marriages. Very funny and unfortunately true!

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