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Rise of the Geeks

This arose from an IM with Skooz. The thought was to form a union for tech people. It quickly evolved into a secret society like the Masons. In fact, tech people are the masons of the modern age, constructing the future.

we can work out a secret handshake, a tattoo, and a costume for meetings that would include pocket protectors to honor our past

trickle down benefits to the masses as we have more money

a parlaiment might work. Elect from within the reps, have a no confidence vote and get rid of them… sounds like fun

call ourselves the federation to cement our geekness

in for the money and the power to control the future of this planet. obviously we would have to get heavily into the economy.

we could also hack politicians computers to find material to control them with.

Obviously some of this is illegal, but it would make for an interesting story set in the not-so-distant future where this was a reality.

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