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Military Freedom

Not long ago I was with Ann at Sharone’s. Somehow we got on the subject of the military and freedom. Sharone had read a book recently about a man who had been in China and then travelled to India. His observations is that in China everyone is fed, everyone has health care, and most everyone has the opportunity to work. Few people have anything resembling true freedom. Contrasting this is India where you have a large poor/unemployed sector of the population, a few very rich people, and loads of other problems. Yet everyone is free; the possibility to get a job, get rich, leave the country, and say what you want is there.

I think most civilians think the US military is more like China in this regard, but I disagree. Aside from giving up the right to not kill if you are ordered into a combat situation (you must obey orders) and perhaps not saying stupid things like, “I think the President should die,” you are as free as almost any civilian. You have benefits that most civilians would never have, in fact (excepting wealthy civilians). Joining the military is like taking a job with almost any company and it is just that: a job.

I would never ask someone to accept the military into the their lives; there are many people who are opposed to it or feel it is unnecessary. They are *free* to believe what they wish, just as is any officer or enlisted personnel.

At some point I’d like to delve into the degrees of freedom, however, and where the lines can be drawn, and how whatever line is drawn will never be permanent.

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Is it a requirement that stewardesses on airlines have to pull their hair back in insanely tight buns or tails?

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San Diego on Fire

San Diego on Fire

Here is an amazing picture of the recent fires in Southern California. It looks like a war zone. I don’t know who took the original picture (it was forwarded to me by email) but the copyright remains to them.

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Stocking and Stilettos

Stocking and Stilettos

Erin will be part of a trunk show called Stocking and Stilettos along with her friend Bryan. If you’re around on December 10th, go and check it out!

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Tension Tamer

Tension Tamer...?I saw this at work and thought it was pretty darn funny. It is Celestial Seasoning’s “Tension Tamer” tea, a “natural herbal tea.” I saw this and had to laugh. First of all, it’s at work, a place sometime wrought with tension. How the heck is a tea going to fix the fact that clients aren’t getting you files you need for their deadline? Or that you’re over budget? Or that the server is down? Or that… you’re at work?

The second thing is “herbal”; what are they putting in this tea? I can think of one herb that might help reduce tension, but somehow it wouldn’t be legal. Also this tea is caffeine free, but what other chemicals? Fluoxetine?

Anyways, I thought it was amusing. I wonder who brought it in?

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A Few Links

What a wonderful notion! For those of you who have downloaded MP3s from the internet, why not send them back?

Here’s someone Colin Wilson might like:
The Zombie Within.

Kurzweil is already exploring the ethics of artificial intelligence and whether we should regard AI as just another machine or as something more. Here is the article. Didn’t Captain Picard already establish that androids have rights?

I’ve always been concerned about humanity in space. I strongly feel that whoever establishes themselves out there first will control the future of all of humanity. This general agrees. China has a clear path to becoming space faring. What are we doing about it? Not enough.

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U.N.K.L.E – Psyence Fiction

U.N.K.L.E. Psyence FictionUnfortunately I’m not going to have much to say about this one. I liked it but at the time I was listening I wasn’t paying much attention… I was working too much on this site! It does make for wonderful background music at low levels, and some of them kick out when you turn them up. In particular the The Knock which features some Beastie Boys on vocals. This song will make it into several mixes I’ll create. If you like DJ Shadow you’ll love this album… click on the picture and pick it up!

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Matt Wagner, Grendeli’ve been reading through the grendel books by matt wagner. amazing stuff. with all the interest in creating movies from comic books like batman, x-men, spiderman, the hulk, daredevil, and even mystery men and the specials, you’d think someone would have written up a script for grendel. they are brilliant stories, and some -like devil tracks– are already story boarded in mr. wagner’s clear style.

hrmm… thinking juices flowing…

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Can I 0wnz3r Your Buttocks?

According to this article if you plan on using a third party to help you conduct business on the internet: don’t. AT&T will sue you (as they are eBay and PayPal) for infringing on their patent, “Mediation of transactions by a communications system.” It basically says that if you own a business (like eBay) and hire another company (like PayPal) to handle transactions of money (for convenience and security) you are infringing upon AT&T’s patent.

How bloody stupid is this! I suppose I should quickly get the patent on running a business on the internet so I can sue AT&T (and maybe a few other irritants). Further, I should patent, “Methods and processes of litigation for percieved patent infringement.” Hot damn, that sounds good! Does anyone have cash to make the patent application? I’ll split future proceeds 50/50 for 50 years though ownership remains 100% with me.

Other patents I should apply for that goto the root of everything stupid:

Mediation of communication between human beings. Will be used to get these idiots to shut up.

Method of causing a female to become pregnant. Will be used to prevent future generations of idiots from appearing. Existing (eg: already born) infringements will be sequestered in Greenland in perpetuity.

Process of cell respiration, specifically bringing gas (air) into a living cell. Could be used to prevent the buildup of greenhouse gasses as it is used to prevent these bloated windbags from breathing anymore.

What’s sad is that someone probably does own one or more of these patents!

I should note that these patent ideas are NOT covered by the Creative Commons License at the bottom of this page; they are mine by official US Copyright Law till the end of time (even if I won’t be around) and any infringement I don’t like will be vigorously prosecuted till I 0wnz3r your buttocks.

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Vegetables for a Face

Bean FaceGreen string bean
Odd pea pod
Come zoom legume
Blech, vegetables

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