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oranj symphonette. mancini.

Oranj Symphonette, Mancinithe oranj symphonette does mancini.

dave lent me this cd as we had been playing around with the peter gunn theme at one of our rehearsals. i’m not a huge mancini fan, but some of the versions of these songs are quite something… jazzy, loud, and very different than the easy listening versions i’m more familar with. i kept wondering what mancini himself would have thought of it. great stuff to listen to while working on this website, i can tell you!

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login functioning

i’ve managed to get a few things working with the sites that have been outstanding for some time now. the first is that i’ve got my diary password protected thanks to fletcher’s login plugin for blosxom. the second thing, though minor, is that you can now have remember your name for you if you’d like when you leave a comment. not a big deal, but i’m excited none-the-less.

now that i know how to set up the login plugin, we can also set up sections of that are password protected. i’m not sure why we would do this, but it is an idea. something to discuss with gtodd (in addition to getting his diary set up again).

incidently, if you think you require access to the diary and didn’t previously, then contact me and we’ll see what we can do for you. otherwise, for those of you with prior access, the username and password are the same and you can get into it by going here or clicking on journal at the side and finding diary in the list.


UPDATE 2006.09.28: As this site is no longer running Blosxom much on this page is moot. I am running a private diary, however, and it is password protected. You can still contact me if you are interested in accessing it.

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mossflower. brian jacques.

Brian Jacques, Mossflowermossflower. brian jacques.

i’d written quite a review of this fine book, a prequel to redwall. however, for the first time in months on end i had an application crash on me and sadly just as i was saving the file. urgh. so, quickly, i’ll just say that i was impressed and happy with mossflower. brian jacques pulls off an amazing feat by writing a prequel that stands up on its own and doesn’t undermine events to follow in redwall. we follow martin the warrior mouse as a living creature and can see how the legend of redwall originated. this is definately a series i’ll be following more, the first new fantasy series i’ve enjoyed since the george rr martin series.

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