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Am I Just Being Paranoid?

A strange thing happened Saturday night on my way to Ann’s. I drove across the bridge and got on 80 as normal, and started to exit when I noticed a car right behind me. I made a fast approach and stop at the end of the exit. The car tried pulling up next to me and I could see it was an old caddie with no front bumper. I had a strange feeling I should hurry on, though, and zoomed on as he was trying to pull up next to me.

Normally this would be the end of it, but when I pulled onto the side street leading to Ann’s, the car was right behind me, still right on my tail. I decided to not pull onto Ann’s street at that point, and proceded to continue on along a zigzag pattern through the back streets. The car followed me even after a ridicuous amout of turns. The person was plainly following me.

“WTF,” I thought. I lost him when I made a left turn on a busy street with oncoming traffic in both directions, wandered the long way back to Ann’s and parked. Disturbingly after getting to Ann’s I heard the car coming (the stereo was booming ever since the exit) and hid in the bushes. Either they didn’t recognize my parked car or they didn’t notice and were off somewhere else. Ann opened the door and let me in.

So am I being paranoid? I’m rather hoping the person was just out to raz me and didn’t have any other reason for following me so far. It was still disturbing, and reminded me of my Dad’s “James Bond mission” back in high school and the warnings we’d gotten then. I am hoping I never have a follow up to this entry…

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Pictures in a Puddle

Pictures I took in a puddle. I like that in some of them you can see the tree and sky reflected in the clean water over the asphalt.

Pictures in a Puddle One

Pictures in a Puddle Two

Pictures in a Puddle Three

Pictures in a Puddle Four

Pictures in a Puddle reflecting Me
The last one I particularly like.

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Puppy Dog

Beth at work has a new puppy named Emma. Darn cute, too.

Emma One

Emma Two

Emma Three

She’s getting noticably bigger just in the past week. Funny how animals seems to grow up faster than people.

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Is Dave Ready for Primetime?

I think he’s definately ready to play live.We had rehearsal at Dave’s last night after Lia gave me a haircut. He’s come a long way and with the few songs we’ve been rehearsing over and over I think he’s definately ready to play live. He seems nervous at the prospect, but also recognizes that he’s just got to dive in. We’re going to set a date but first I want to talk to Scott and see if he’s going to play/sing with us. I figure Scott knows these songs well enough that if he rehearsed even just one time with us he’ll be alright. If he wants to play guitar, though, we’re going to need to rehearse a couple times so he and I can work out parts. Ultimately this is what I’d like to do, though, so we can a) get a bigger sound and b) let me work on perhaps playing ludicrously simple solos. Currently I’ve only made one real solo on guitar, and that was more air guitar that happened to have a real guitar in the way while recording; it sounds horrible.

I’d still like to find a drummer. Anyone know any drummers in the San Francisco area that might be interested in having a bit of fun?

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Cultural Template

A cultural template I put together to help flesh out societies while world building. Read the rest of this entry…

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oranj symphonette. mancini.

Oranj Symphonette, Mancinithe oranj symphonette does mancini.

dave lent me this cd as we had been playing around with the peter gunn theme at one of our rehearsals. i’m not a huge mancini fan, but some of the versions of these songs are quite something… jazzy, loud, and very different than the easy listening versions i’m more familar with. i kept wondering what mancini himself would have thought of it. great stuff to listen to while working on this website, i can tell you!

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login functioning

i’ve managed to get a few things working with the sites that have been outstanding for some time now. the first is that i’ve got my diary password protected thanks to fletcher’s login plugin for blosxom. the second thing, though minor, is that you can now have remember your name for you if you’d like when you leave a comment. not a big deal, but i’m excited none-the-less.

now that i know how to set up the login plugin, we can also set up sections of that are password protected. i’m not sure why we would do this, but it is an idea. something to discuss with gtodd (in addition to getting his diary set up again).

incidently, if you think you require access to the diary and didn’t previously, then contact me and we’ll see what we can do for you. otherwise, for those of you with prior access, the username and password are the same and you can get into it by going here or clicking on journal at the side and finding diary in the list.


UPDATE 2006.09.28: As this site is no longer running Blosxom much on this page is moot. I am running a private diary, however, and it is password protected. You can still contact me if you are interested in accessing it.

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mossflower. brian jacques.

Brian Jacques, Mossflowermossflower. brian jacques.

i’d written quite a review of this fine book, a prequel to redwall. however, for the first time in months on end i had an application crash on me and sadly just as i was saving the file. urgh. so, quickly, i’ll just say that i was impressed and happy with mossflower. brian jacques pulls off an amazing feat by writing a prequel that stands up on its own and doesn’t undermine events to follow in redwall. we follow martin the warrior mouse as a living creature and can see how the legend of redwall originated. this is definately a series i’ll be following more, the first new fantasy series i’ve enjoyed since the george rr martin series.

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Artemis Fowl. Eoin Colfer.

i picked this up after seeing jonny reading it. similar to the harry potter books only in that they are for teens and that magic exists in the present world, i found the book very different. the character of artemis fowl is almost better defined as an anti-hero. he is the heir to a criminal empire and in the course of the story is a kidnapper, extortionist, and accessory to some “mild” violence. i loved it.

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The 48 Laws of Power. Robert Greene.

and people thought machiavelli was the last word on how to gain friends and influence everyone. i liked the book alot. while most of it was quite clear, i sometime wished form more variety of explaination on a few. i did love the sidebar stories and anecdotes, though, and my parents (who knew the nature of the book and had normal first reactions to its subject matter) were probably a bit confused when i laughed out loud at a few of them. i would love to see how many laws mr. greene originally came up with and to hear how he distilled it down to just 48. i’m also wondering if at some point he would have liked to have time to combine a few of them to make a few less laws. good book, but not for everyone. people who believe in altruism and the absolute goodness of human nature should not read it. people who know that while the human race is not inherently evil but often quite selfish will read the book as a help and prevention manual. anyone who deals with power structures, whether government, corporate, non-profit, or even social will appreciate it for it’s ideas on how to get ahead in it all. and remember, don’t take anything personally. ever.

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