the corporation like a body

thinking about it some more, a company is like a body. sales people might be like the mouth that brings in the nourishment, but without the brains to think of it, or the stomach to digest it, or the heart and blood to distribute it, then it’s really a worthless organ.

my thinking in the past several days has revolved around corporations and their ass-backwards way of thinking. i haven’t changed that. the brain can make the body go into the dentist as often as it wants and get those teeth in the mouth polished till they are white. it doesn’t change the fact that they don’t need to be white, just functional, and that the mouth can’t really eat anything without the hand to put it there. well, unless they want to be really gross which many sales people are anyways.

it’s a sick brain that neglects most of its body for benefit one part. ask any medical doctor. but that’s what i see in every company i’ve worked for or heard about.

we’ve heard about the body politic. maybe we should hear more about the body corporate, and i’m not talking about lobbies, unions, and such crud. i’m talking about fixing our american corporations which in turn will fix our ailing economy.

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