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how much is enough?

i’ve just read this article about hewlett packard purchasing two brand new gulf stream V jets. this is from the company that has been laying off american employees to get cheap cost replacements in foreign countries because the company hasn’t been as profitable as expected. apparently HP is still hiring for a few jobs, however; as the article points out they are hiring flight attendants.

i read this and have to ask myself: what is with the executive level of corporate america? they lay off thousands of employees at the first sign of lessening profitability, they cook accounting books, they overwork salaried employees, they cut even little things like christmas parties. it is irritating. it doesn’t make sense. who purchases their products? how can anyone purchase another printer with toner cartridge or computer when they are unemployed? they rationalize that it saves the company money, but then they buy jets. i wish i could reward myself as richly everytime i cut off my finger, or crash my car.

now i’m reading an article followup to the one mentioned above that HP is now trying to cover up their purchases. ethics seems to be the rarest commodity of all.

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, corporate america at the executive level sees themselves as feudal lords, and it’s time democracy was brought to their doorsteps.

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