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the other day ann sent me an email invitation to an auction benefiting the homeless. i felt like sort of mean, but i had to ask her if she knew exactly how the money was going to be spent. she didn’t know and pointed me to the website, which, as i expected, was vague.

the reason i am concerned is that there have been causes for the homeless for decades, yet the problem persists. great noise has been made about the system and how it works against progress, but i think it is because the system for help is fundamentally flawed. shelters help, but only in limited ways. soup kitchens help, but also only in limited ways. what is needed is a solution. what these people need is to be employed.

i was very impressed with korea just before the 1988 olympics. they rounded up all the homeless people, but them in barracks-style housing, and put them to work. these people earned money and had a place to stay. eventually they could learn skills, get a job, move out on their own. i don’t know if social institutions were put in place to help the people with addictions, and i’m not concerned with that now.

how hard would it be to implement something like that here? the liberals are always up for helping the underdog, the conservatives are up for people standing on their own two feet. it seems to me that this is one solution to the issue that they might be able to agree about. the only sticking point i see is the start up costs… and obviously this would have to be tested first.

if nothing else it’s something to think about.

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