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begun 2002.02.01 finished 2002.02.18.

no handicap, todd plays first. played via email and instant message. Read the rest of this entry…

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black and white

this is truly a god game. you play a god and gain followers, perform miracles, and train your "creature" to do your bidding. you can play as a good god or a bad god, or some combination in between. it is a strange thing to gain worshippers by throwing someone across a village or gain "prayer power" by dropping someone into the temple fire. what suprises me is that i haven’t heard any christian groups complaining about a game in which a person can play god… game play is good, though moving around can be ackward at times. definately a game to try, though, if you’re tired of shooting people.

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duke nukem

my first real first person shooter experience. we used to play after work at discovery channel. the plot lines are… limited, but game play is fun. there is a duke in DC expansion i have that is also a good play. multiplayer rocks, though the maps could have been made larger. that’s one good thing about the DC pack; large maps.

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go/wei chi

maybe the oldest known board game. probably originated in china and is very popular all over asia, particularly japan. in many ways is as eastern as chess is western, only there are far more possibilities with go than with chess, and possibly far more challenge. was turned onto the game by reading david wingrove’s chungkuo series (see books for a review). for much more information, please see the american go association for information on history, how to play, and where to find people to play with.

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starcraft is a scifi realtime strategy game. tons of fun. good plot lines for single player, great play for multiplayer. many many hours of entertainment.

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warcraft III

warcraft III is a fantasy realtime strategy game with a single player story line campaign or multiplayer killfests. from the same people that brought us starcraft (actually, i think the original warcraft was the first of the series from blizzard…). gameplay is essentially the same as starcraft and is easily learned if you’re familar with that game. many of the small things, like finding idle workers, have been fixed, and there are many many improvements above and beyond graphics, which rock.

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egyptian rat screw: ERS

or as we most often call it, rat fuck. below the jump are the rules as we played (and has link to official rules). i learned this game in college and had a great time playing it with todd and nate, and whoever else was along at the time (often fraggle and/or paul). Read the rest of this entry…

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