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happy february the 24th day everyone. an artificial holiday i’m hoping will catch on like many of the other one’s hallmark and their ilk have pushed out there and made big. by the way, feb. the 24th day is officially copyrighted as of this moment and in perpetuity thanks to companies like disney who think copyrights should apply for as long as humanity exists on the planet. therefore, if you would like to license feb. the 24th day please send me an email and we can work out a reasonable rate.

meanwhile i continue to marvel at the world around me. as scott and i prepare to write a song called my retarded son i find no end to the possible source material around me.

have been planning on writing an article on instant run off voting. look for it sometime soon. meanwhile i’m just going to keep procrastinating on it…

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perhaps i am to harsh in my criticism of bush. i am not alone, however, in being his critic (like this “analysis” of the state of the union address). every president goes through this, i’m sure. understand, while i am liberal i am not a liberal wanker. i’m not one of these people who goes blindly through life berating the world for being unequal, unjust and unfair (despite the fact that it is). it is possible to be a liberal and still be critical of those who claim to be representatives of that state of mind.

however, we are talking about bush, who can barely utter a sentence without stumbling over a word here, a country there, a few rights somewhere else (and we can debate all those points if you want).

i do like bush. he’s almost impossible not to like in a lost-child-smiling-at-you kind of way. i just don’t think he should be leading our nation -especially these years- let alone texas, or a corporation. maybe a household, despite his daughters constantly getting in trouble.

anyways, i’m sick of it all. one of the myriad reasons i went to prague was because i hated to politics of this country.

have i mentioned this before? we need to implement a vote of no confidence. imagine that. it would never pass as those who would have to legislate it would be the first to go, but that would be grand. bush and gore wouldn’t have made it and the other candidates wouldn’t have had enough votes to be elected. we’d have to have another election. if those candidates didn’t make it then another election.

the same for the legislature! bring it on!

it’ll never happen, but i can dream.

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the shuttle blew up yesterday. seven people died.

i’m not sure how i feel about the whole thing. emotionally it’s very confusing for me. i didn’t know those people, yet i get to the point where i almost feel like crying for them.

i’m mad at fucking bush. what a lame assed president we have. new york and washington are attacked and he comes out with words of sympathy that rally the country. but if you listen to his words now, or you didn’t know the context, they are hollow words, almost insincere to me. people then we so devestated -me included- that anything would have garnered my sympathy.

this tragedy, however, rings truth about him, at least as a public speaker. let me put a disclaimer here. i do not think as many do that bush is an evil person, or a horrible uncaring person. i do, however, believe that he lacks the charisma to be a president to rally behind. he is not a galvanizer of emotions.

all day saturday i remembered the words of another president who many people didn’t like. yet no matter if you liked him or not his words when challenger exploded half way to heaven were inspiring and a better eulogy than i could have hoped for. “The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives. We will never forget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for the journey and waved goodbye and slipped the surly bonds of earth to touch the face of God.” (link to complete speech)

i believe that the future of humanity is in space. every accident, every budget cut, every ignorant person that thinks that space is a waste of time prevents us from getting there. it only takes one large meteor impact or one nuclear war or one truly calamitous and vengeful virus, and we are history. ever met a dinosaur? of course you haven’t. ever seen a trilobyte crawling across a beach? nope. all gone. all gone in cataclysmic events. world events. all the technology and innovation and ambition in the world will do us no good when a two mile rock crashes anywhere on the planet.

a few months ago we had a meteor pass between us and the orbit of the moon. a large meteor. big enough to wipe out large cities. we didn’t see it till it was already leaving our planet, not even when it was coming and too close to pretend to do anything about it.

we are small creatures on the thin crust of a fairly small planet. all that we have ever done could go with one impact. the planet won’t know or care. the universe will not notice. it’s up to us if we want to survive.

so i am sad because we lost seven souls, and i am also sad because the bureaucrats and nay-sayers will be crying for things to slow down or stop or be delayed. i’m sad because this future that they believed in and were willing to risk flight in space will be delayed despite them.

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