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sent out the announcement today for the “grand re-opening” of

It was bound to happen… Herr Nerad and Herr McCoy have reworked .

Marvel as the site begins to shift toward interactivity! Imagine the surging power of RSS… surging right at you. Lick your screen and taste the excitement as the pages load with color… Granted, not a lot of color, but color nonetheless! Wonder at the site that distills the internet into a 150 proof shot of distraction par excellence!

With almost daily updates, a fine texture and just a hint of Jolt Cola you’ll find a feast for your mind and… well your mind in any case. Submit to! Or, alternatively, submit a link you think everyone will find delectable. Now back to work, slave!

deus ex ookeena,

Todd and Doug

(gtodd and dugh)

so far we haven’t gotten much response, though i’m not really suprised by that. next week and maybe over the weekend is when i expect to see things start happening. i’m hoping that people will get involved -especially after i get “comments” up and running- and maybe start sending in links. it will be quite a chore to have to find new material everyday!

mmm… split pea soup.

i guess i’ll have to be careful about the times i post things during the workday as it is a simple thing to see when i’ve not been working that way. oh well.

meanwhile i’ll still be posting links that i find important to me on, like the following.

i was very upset when the supreme court threw out the recent eldred case allowing the legislature to effectively extend copyright law ad nauseum. i was very heartened to find the lawrence lessig (who tried the case) blog and see that he has not really given up the fight, though it has become more than a steep battle. one start he proposes is to get a copyright tax going. if congress and corporations want to treat copyright as *property*, then they should be taxed for it just like any other property. why isn’t intellectual property taxed just like physical property?

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as you may know i’d been looking for some way to create a “blog” type of site out of OOKEE for sometime now. i’d looked at slashcode and movabletype, but everything seemed a bit too complicated. recently blosxom came to light on a few sites i visit and i’ve been testing it and pretty much settled on it. aside from lacking comments (which i’m guessing are coming) it works quite well. here’s a screen grab: Blosxom Test

the html code isn’t too difficult to hack to get to look how you want, and even the perl script that runs the whole thing is fairly easy to follow.

incidently, right hand took the lead in nine ball today for the first time.

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after talking it over, scott and i decided to change our “new” band’s name from “we’re not bill” to simply “not bill”. this allows fans to say “you’re not bill” to us and “i’m not bill” to their friends. seems to work.

NOT BILL played last night to a crowd of about 20 at the open mic night at ireland’s 32, hosted by mike shapiro.

was talking to mark ryan at work today… not even sure how we got onto the topic now. basically we were talking about fighting. neither of us has ever been in a real fight. i don’t count my brother because that’s almost normal and expected. i punched david keykendal (sp?) in korea, but that wasn’t really a fight. i almost got in a fight in korea another time when some kids were pushing around my friend dennis mcbride, but nothing came of that.

i wonder if i will effectively never get into a fight? i wouldn’t complain if that were the case, but sometimes i wonder if i’m missing out on something.

by the way, this is not an open invitation to mug me.

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i’ve a few links to post that i’ve found interesting.

anyone that is interested in the cyberpunk genre will appreciate that william gibson is now maintaining a journal. he appears to updating it daily, and previous entries can be found in his archives. they make for interesting reading!

ever wondered what it would be like to live and work in antarctica? this site takes you there, from the pettiness, the cold, the beauty, and the letter from the president. alternately hilarious and frightening, i found i couldn’t stop reading once i’d started.

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was sent this picture of scott and i performing at ireland’s 32 from miller.

Not Bill at Ireland's 32

not the prettiest of pictures, but i guess miller’s camera doesn’t have the greatest resolution.

i stumbled upon this gem of a link. a while back i was showing jonny a whole series of star wars fan films i had found on site. some of them are really good (though some really suck). i was lamenting, however, that i couldn’t find any star trek fan films, which suprised me since there should be at least as many fans of the show than star wars.

i finally found my first. starship exeter is a fan film based on… the starship exeter. shot as an episode with breaks for ads even, it takes place in the time of classic trek paralleling captain kirk and his crew. check it out! jonny was “giddy” when he watched it. hopefully paramount won’t tell them to cease and desist.

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tomorrow is JRR Tolkien’s eleventy-first birthday. everyone go see the two towers!

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