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whoever said the japanese weren’t strange obviously never saw this. while the word play i clever, the images are somehow… disturbing. what’s with the poor cat’s destiny anyways?

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only slightly behind the curve…

updates and additions. we’ll start with some halloween fun.

did not do much for halloween. was lazy and dressed up like a soldier boy. here are some pictures from betsy slattery at sunset until i can get my own posted (if, indeed, any of them turn out to be tolerable!).

found a link to the salem police department’s official logo. nothing like a little poking of fun at yourself, i guess.

todd also sent me a fun online manga, called the chopping block. it’s byline: “…serial killers are people, too.” probably should have posted this before their “choptoberfest” issues.

halloween is usually my favorite holiday, yet this year i was totally uninspired and uninterested in participating. i think part of this is that my circle of friends has diminished to a mere handful, and most of them weren’t too interested this year themselves.

for those few of you interested in linguistics, i’ve found the ultimate online resource to tolkien’s invented languages, including some that were never used in his published materials. the site is called ardalambion, and is also posted on the links page.

for many years i’ve wondered about how to go about creating my own country. yeah, i know, an impossibility. yet i think anyone who watches how the world is being run (or run down) by our so called leaders can’t help but wonder how they would do it all different. i know i do. it’s nice to see that others wonder the same thing, if even just to set up their own state within the united states. i seriously doubt their project will work as the local government, federal government, and media would probably be opposed to it in some form or another. in addition, the prerequisite of moving a large population of like-minded individuals to one location would be difficult to say the least. the best incentive to get so many people to move would be that there is something already there for them. there is not. also, if there were something so compelling as to get a large population of folks to move, it would also attract a large population of people who would be undesirable for the project. still, it is an interesteing idea and worth reading up on.

i am concerned with property rights, particularly in our digital age. it concerns me that corporations are trying to create a system where rights to property are inhereted through time, similar to the feudal system we so recently (historically speaking) left behind. yet many people, either through ignorance or through indefference, do not seem to care. this is what will allow the corporations, who definately care, to push through legislation allowing them to pretty much own any and every new creative idea for long after they could ever exploit the idea for money. except to sue those who infringe on their rights.

i found this article which attempts to explain what property is and is not. though written in an editorial manner, it is enlightening in many respects. the article does not touch on intellectual property specifically (except to say that it is a “gift”; read the article for explaination) and deals more with physical property. i think, however, that this does pertain to intellectual property if only because intellectual property IS NOT physical and should not be treated thus. our lives are better through progress, an intellectual pursuit. if corporations are allowed to own intellectual property almost indefinately then they will stymy (sp) progress. our lives will begin to stagnate and our decendents will live the same lives we will. the benefit of this could be argued either way, but how that is accomplished should not be detirmined by corporations.

it would be interesting to see at what point corporations ignore each other’s intellectual property rights in order to make their own gains. the cyberpunk world could indeed be the future at that point.

anyways, enough with that serious stuff.

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