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today, like yesterday, i watched alot of movies.

yesterday i watched an anime called now and then, here and there. it started off with a goofy introduction and i was thinking this was going to turn out to be a young teen anime. quickly it changed and started dealing with more interesting themes, like their war fought by children abducted from their homes. i was shocked and suprised that they even introduced a character who is raped and a king who is a touch insane, killing a cat when he can’t have his way. the story is a bit simplistic so far, as is the actual animation, but shows alot of promise. i’ll probably pick up the rest of the series.

then today i watched from hell, the movie adapted from alan moore and eddie campbell’s graphic novel about jack the ripper. very nicely done, with a good documentary as well about jack. i also watched behind enemy lines. very entertaining, but mostly only that. i am a bit confused why people were concerned about it’s release after the september 11th attacks. just because something deals with the military people tend to get overly sensitive.

meanwhile here are some articles claiming to be able to show the relation of men to marriage. this first one says that men are more than happy just living with the woman. they get all the benefits of a marriage without any of the hassle of a potential divorce. this second article goes into some more specifics of that and give us 10 reasons. what was interesting to me about the articles is that i get the clear feeling that i am marriage material.

now on to political things, specifically foreign policy. here’s an article that says we should take another look at iran and our relation to that country and it’s government. it always struck me as strange that we had such a bad relationship with them, despite the terrorist support (which in reality every muslim country has supported at some point) and despite our meddling with it constantly. i thought bush made a grave error labelling it as part of an axis of evil. they are no more evil than many of our saudi friends.

i am not saying that we should just reverse policy with them, but maybe it’s time we started looking at how to make the muslim world’s most democratic country more of a supporter than an enemy.

and finally this article, which is more for my family in the DC area than anyone else (unless you, too, live in the DC area). beware of fishies crossing the road…

in case you couldn’t tell, i am starting to reference more articles i find on the web, giving commentary, and just pointing out interesting stuff (interesting to me at least). this is one of the things that you’ll find in this “new” and “improved” journal. at some point i’ll even give more thought to the commentary i write and you will find occassional links to essays i hope to write.

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for those of you who might not read or watch the news, a federal circuit court here in san francisco today declared the pledge of allegiance unconstitutional in particular cases, abridging the freedom of religion and the seperation of church and state. the judge’s decision is here (in PDF format).

personally i am for this decision. it always struck me as odd that for a country that espoused religious freedom, we should daily as children pledge allegiance to one nation *under God*. i still remember not saying that part as a kid. well, now i know a bit of the history of the pledge. here it is:

1892, original written by francis bellamy, a minister: “I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all.”

1924 it is edited: “the flag of the United States of America” are substituted for “my Flag.”

1942: our government officially recognizes the pledge.

1954: congress, urged by eisenhower, adds “under God”. the pledge in its current form now reads: “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

part of the reason “under God” was added to the pledge was the insanity surrounding the red scare and the fear that atheistic communists would take over the country. this is a ridiculous notion now, but an understandable if somewhat unforgivable apprehension at the time.

how hard would it be to remove the disputed “under God” bit -a sentiment not even included by the original author- and leave it at it’s pre-1954 state? it would not be hard. however the forces of “good” are already ramping up to fight this dreadful (and obviously satanic) court decision. i am almost looking forward to when this reaches the supreme court and they either don’t bother to hear it or hear it and agree with the circuit court’s decision.

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my good friend bill miller sent us more of his multimedia projects. this one is a little flash… thing. he’s dancing. i see somethings never change! click here to see it.

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found this funny and unfortunately true article called the bill of no rights, purportedly written by mitchel kaye, a state representative in georgia.

in other news, USA beat mexico to move on to the final 8 in world cup soccer. amazing.

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for those of you wondering what is happening to education among our youth, i point you to this article which, though in canada, wouldn’t suprise me if it happened elsewhere.

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string theory for the regular person on kuro5hin. also, for anyone who is unfamilar with the code of hammurabi, follow this link. what is striking to me about the codes are how often the punishment is death (or large monetary recompense for minor things like not returning borrowed property). if we had codes like this today, then judges would be more honest, people wouldn’t steal, people would make sure they had witnesses for any transaction thus assuring its legality, and we would probably lose half our population in just a few days! what suprises me is the extent of the coverage of the codes. rents, prisoners of war, labor law, inheritence, debt, common lawbreaking, adultery, divorce, medicine, etc.

definately something i’ll be looking more into while working on my world building project.

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scientific american posts their best of the web award for 2001. the link is here. great scientific sites are listed here for reference, education, and fun. i’m actually using some of the stuff for my world building project.

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it appears that after a few days of oddness, macslash is back on track. it appears that their site was “hijacked” by some asshole in spain who thought to take advantage of the situation (that the domain had expired) to make some money for himself. i’m sure there are plenty of people making a certain vicente peiro crespo’s life is unhappy (if he’s indeed using a real name).click here if you’d like more detailed info on what happened.

technically this person didn’t do anything wrong. the domain name expired because the previous owner didn’t recieve the expiration notice. however, it sucks that he was using the heavy traffic macslash recieved to arrange click through referals to other sites. last i saw it was macmall, though i’m sure that’s changed by now (i don’t feel like checking; i’m lazy).

but even though this person didn’t do anything wrong, he still is a jerk for abusing the macslash situation for his own end. i wonder how many other sites he’s done this to?

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