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following yesterday’s listings of different organization’s definitions of terrorism, here is the FBI‘s (pulled off of

Terrorism is the unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.

and in other news, it is strange not to be wearing the sonoma ring. everytime i go to spin it or to wash my hands, i can tell something is missing.

i’ve pulled out an old audio tape i picked up of colin wilson lecturing. very good stuff. he talks about how to deal with the robot that so frequently takes over our lives and drains our vital batteries. he gives a few examples and methods of getting the upper hand through concentration and attention. i know that probably makes little or no sense by itself, so i strongly recommend picking up a few of his books and reading them. some are better than others, but i don’t think i’ve read any that didn’t deal with the main thesis of overcoming and trancending our seemingly limited and trivial lives.

my problem is that i can’t seem to find the second tape…

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alright, someone explain to me the miracle that is driving in california…

this place has got to have the worst road system on the planet. exits are poorly labeled, they don’t have any numbers. i’m sure there are mile markers… but where? while the roads are no better or worse than anywhere else, somehow they seem to be laid out in such a way that they are more difficult to navigate. exits are place hidden around bends. on ramps are about 10 feet long. exit ramps are so short to thier light or stop sign that they back up quickly onto the highway. impossible! as an out of state driver coming here, i have deep sympathy. when i moved here, kristen and i couldn’t find a hotel/motel we could pull they ryder truck into because every place had damn overhangs. we eventually parked on the street. there were no truck stops. i’m sure they must be out there, but we didn’t find any. the whole system is just a bloody mess. all this from the state that claims to love motorists (at least that’s what i’ve heard).

and then the drivers! do they even have driver’s education out here? back in ohio it was part of the high school curriculum. out here it seems any yokel can drive, and they do. here’s a common scenario from my commute to work along 280. there are many bends in the road, and some of them turn towards the sun in the morning. oh no! the sun! STOP. that’s what they do. go from a leisurely pace of 65-75MPH to a dead stop. hey! commuters! there are two ways to combat the sun! the first is sunglasses. despite how cool you think you look in them, they were actually designed to lessen the brightness of the sun on your retina. idiot! put them on! second, that thing? dangleing from the ceiling in front of you? the one that pulls down and often has a mirror on it? hey! it wasn’t designed so you could admire yourself or stuff receipts into! it was designed to BLOCK THE SUN! it can even move around so it can block from in front of you or the side! will wonders never cease.

speaking of bends in the road, that’s another thing people out here stop for. bends. “oh no, i can’t see what’s around that mile long bend! i better play it safe and slow down to about… 40… maybe less.” stupid! it’s not like you look what’s ahead of you any other time. just drive! it’s not hard, put your foot on the accelerator and just keep it there. no problem.

scott and i used to travel down to his parent’s place in san luis obispo. often traffic would be stopped. we made a list of what could possibly be wrong that would stop traffic, from fatality accident to garbage in the road to traffic cop to nothing at all. we gave everything odds. initially nothing at all had the worst probability, but we soon learned that nothing in the road is the number one reason why traffic is backed up on california highways. i always wonder who was the person who started the back up? some guy loses sight of any vehicles ahead of him (probably disappeared around a bend…) and panics. ah! stop! chaos and rage (on my part) ensue.

another favorite trick i’ve seen, which ties into the question of whether or not people here goto school or not, is the “if it’s not in my perhipheral vision it must be clear enough to pull over” syndrome. unbelievable. i’ve been cut off more here than anywhere, even DC. two inches of clearance? no problems. just pull over in front of them. shockingly enough, the person cut off barely taps the brakes sometimes when this happens. a bend in the road causes a string of ruby taillights to flare up with mile long backups, but getting your car almost smashed at 70MPH barely phases you.


anyways, i guess i’m done for now. driving out here is a treat if you know what you’re doing. by that i mean you know how far away any exits are you need to take, are aware that people will stop highway traffic for… nothing, and be very aware that you will be cut off all the time and it’s ok. good night, moon.

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