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there’s nothing like a tragedy to bring a family together. unfortunately, the bigger the family, the sooner the bickering between them starts. well, america pulled together because of these attacks. i wonder when it will start dividing itself because we’re still individuals with our own ideas of how the tragedy should be handled?

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another day, more news. i won’t go into it here; you can check either the historical records or archives. what i am concerned about, as i was speculating yesterday, is how to go about achieving justice.

i cannot condone open attack on afghanistan. against its military targets, yes, but inevitably civilians will be hurt and/or killed and this will make us no better than those we seek to punish. in addition, it will serve as a rallying cry to those muslims who are undecided on the issue, and they may flock to the fundamentalist cry of "down with america."

justice and punishment must be sought, but in what manner? salon today has an interesting article hereby michael klare in which he says we should drop the rhetoric of war and instead push this as an international criminal investigation. bring those responsible under criminal charges of murder and destruction, and even islamic countries cannot complain. murder is murder. some of them may not see it as murder but as some sick form of freedom fighting or a blow against their version of evil, but some of the saner, intelligent countries will agree that murder is murder.

i think this is a smart approach to this problem. i still think that we should prepare special "new war" groups that will handle these situations on the terrorist’s own terms, i think in light of this international community event, criminal charges should be drawn up.

crimes against humanity. hate crimes. these people could even be considered war criminals. they *are* criminals, and should be treated thus.

in addition, we should also stop being so bullish in the rest of the world minus europe and small parts of asia. half of the reason we have so many problems with the middle east is our continued military presence there. part of that is to contain hussein (we should have destroyed him the first time around) and part of it is to protect our oil interests. well, instead of investing in a continued military presence, why not pump some of that money into research to end our dependency on oil? it’s going to run out eventually anyways. and why not end the embargo on iraq and show contempt for its leader but compassion for its people? we have slowly made him a hero in his people’s eyes as he continually stands up against america and the people know that we are a great part of their suffering.

another thing would be to step on israel’s foot. for that matter, step on palestines foot, too. tell them in no uncertain words that we won’t tolerate their killing each other anymore. it’s ridiculous. a great part of the arabic world’s gripe with america is what they see as us coddling israel and supporting them unnecessarily. we pump so much money into israel it is frightening. why? they have already proven they are militarily superior to their neighbors. is it to win the jewish vote in america? well, what about the arabic vote?

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it’s done. the world has changed. most of the rest of the world doesn’t know it yet, but it has changed. for americans in particular, *our* world has changed. we have been attacked at home. in modern times, this is unheard of. the american psyche has always felt invulnerable at home. now we are not. we are, like most people on the planet, a reactionary people, and we will react. and unlike many other people’s of the world, we have a blind optimism that once we set our minds to a task, it will get done. everytime we’ve set our minds on winning something, we’ve won. the lone exception that comes to mind is viet nam. we lost that because it was unpopular at home; we really didn’t want to be there. if we did, we would have won there, too.

i am sad to hear that there are already reprisal attacks against arabs around the country. it’s stupid. just because you are arabic doesn’t mean you even sympathise with the ideals of the potential attackers of NYC and DC. when the oklahoma building was blown up many thought it was the arabs. fingers were being pointed. then it turned out to be one of our own, a domestic terrorist.

did we point fingers and attack our own radical groups? no. we let the matter die. but i do hope that eventually we go after some of these domestic groups as the genuine danger they are. make no mistake, they are just as much the terrorist as any of these radical fundamentalists abroad.

meanwhile, i’m still stunned. i went to work today, and hardly did any work at all. i can’t concentrate on work. i still want to do something about all of this, but what?

it’s obvious to me that we are finally realizing that war has “evolved” to a new level. it has changed and the paradigm is new. we are familar enough with it to recognize it when we see it, but how prepared are we to defend against it? during the revolutionary war the british must have been stunned when some of us weren’t standing in lines and firing our guns in rounds. we were running around, hiding behind trees and other objects. the british probably didn’t know how to deal with it, much as we’re not entirely sure how to deal with this today.

but there has to be a way to fight this. fight fire with fire? do we find out who they are and just start killing them? do we find the symbols that are important to them and blow them up? it seems dishonorable to us. despicable. i’m sure the british during the revolution thought we were cowards, but we won. if we can adapt their methods, we should be able to win, too.

but what are thier methods? what are the parameters of this new form of warfare? should we support the formation of cells in other countries that will strike out against targets that we cannot openly attack?

i’ve been watching BBC America. they are getting footage that i haven’t seen here in the states. unbelievable. what i do appreciate is that they have actual footage of the rescue workers digging, burning the girders with blowtorches, and searching for anyone. thank you BBC.

i wish i had someone to hold during this.

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“…a day which will live in infamy…” -fdr.

unbelievable. what happened? is this some sort of “war of the worlds” hoax? no. the world trade center: gone. the pentagon: partly destroyed. who did this? i’m not even asking why. that doesn’t matter. but who? of course everyone is pointing fingers at arabs, but we just don’t know. i have arab friends. i hope they are alright. i know the mob, and the mob doesn’t care about individuals. to them, if you are an arab, you must pay.

and it’s clear someone must pay! someone will pay. i hope it’s the right someone, though. if we happen to take out a few other known terrorists on the way, then that’s fine with me, too, but to take out innocents makes us no better than them, and we *must* be better than them.

it makes me want to join against them. how? FBI? CIA? it would certainly give me some focus.

my family is ok. dad works in DC, and this morning i was freaking out because i couldn’t get a hold of my mom. i did finally get a hold of heather and got her to head off to my parents, but before she got there, mom checked in and said that dad was ok.

but for those families who have lost family, loved ones, friends… i feel your pain and loss.

the last event that galvanized this nation was the attack on pearl harbor. this could go to that same point, and the terrorist will find that there are no more powerful people on earth, and they will find themselves destroyed. we are powerful, not because of our military, not because of our economy, not because of the culture they hate so much, but because we can be just as focused and detirmined as they can be, and we are already far stronger.

i can’t believe they are celebrating in the streets of palestine. if they ever wanted to lose american sympathy, they just lost it. those images of them handing out candy and having a party didn’t win them any karma. do they see us laughing and celebrating whenever israel blows the shit out of them? no. we may not impose sanctions on israel, but we certainly don’t shake their hand. right now (and i hope my opinion changes soon) i have the feeling we should walk into palestine and occupy it. let them stew under our yoke for a while. if the fundamentalists and terrorists want to hate america let’s give them a really good reason.

ugh. i’m angry, hurt, disgusted. i know me and i know this will fade with time to something more refined and less violent, but in the meantime… i can’t say i regret it and i can’t say i’m not sincerely wishing destruction on those who would destroy us.

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my job is suddenly more interesting than it was, and i finally figured out why. being the single guy now, all the things that used to bore me to death are stepping up to the plate to fill the void, so they seem far more interesting. when i think about it though, they are just as boring as ever… (quoted from an email to joy cain).

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